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First: ApplyWizards Play Network

In order to get started running Magic the Gathering (MTG) in your store, you will need to apply on Wizards of the Coast’s join page to have your store qualified to participate in sanctioned events. This request can take up to 72 hours to process, so make sure that you plan your first event far enough in advance so that you have time to properly prepare your staff and your store for all of the excitement. Once you have a WPN account, then you will need to download the Wizards Event Reporter (Step 2).


Second: Download Wizards Event ReporterMagic Event Reporter Instructions

The Wizards Event Reporter is a piece of downloadable Windows based software that you run on a computer in your store. This essential software allows you to report all of your Magic the Gathering tournaments, including Friday Night Magic (FNM).

Click the link to download the Windows Event Reporter from the WPN site.

Magic playersThird: Build Your Community

You may need help cultivating and growing your MTG in-store community and the Wizards Play Network (WPN) will become an invaluable tool for maximizing your store’s potential. You’ll want to spend some time reading the articles provided and increasing your knowledge.

Fourth: Sanction Your First Event

Many stores ask, “How do I sanction my first event and how do I select PHD as my distributor of choice”. To aid with this, we’ve created this step-by-step guide on how to create your Magic the Gathering Event. We will use a Prerelease as an example, since this is the option that is the most challenging for stores that are just getting started with WER.

STEP 1: Log In
STEP 2: Schedule New Event
STEP 3: Set Event Options
STEP 4: Select PHD as your Distributor
STEP 5: Pop-up Reminder
STEP 6: Sanction your Event

If you would like a printable guide to this process, click on the WER Guide link, or if you like, you can also watch a video on the process as well.

*You are not limited to just one Prerelease. WPN Core level stores can sanction up to 3 events and Advanced level stores can sanction up to 6 events. There are two formats available, Sealed* and 2HG Sealed** and not all events have to be the same format. No other formats can be used. PHD must be selected for each event.

**Sealed events are those where a set number of sealed booster packs are given to each play to construct a deck from. No other product other than basic lands can be added to this pool of cards. In Prereleases this is normally 6 booster packs. See instructions included with the Prerelease Kits for more details.

***2HG (Two Headed Giant) Sealed events are team based. Players, or you, create teams of two (2) players. Each players is given four sealed booster packs each (eight for the team) to construct two (2) decks with which they will compete. No other product other than basic lands can be added to this pool of cards. See instructions included with the Prerelease Kits for more details. More details on 2HG can be found at:

For more information please contact:



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