Speed Gaming – New Jersey 2016

Speed Gaming NJ 2016PHD’s New Jersey location will host our =Speed Gaming= event May 11th-13th in 2016.
In honor of Friday the 13th’s 36th anniversary, we will have a B Horror movie theme.
This will be our only open house this year.

RSVP to: lisa@phdgames.com


Wednesday, May 11- DoubleTree Hotel

7pm-11pm: Informal Welcome Reception - Cocktails and Hors D’oeuvres served

Thursday, May 12- DoubleTree Hotel

10am-4pm: Retailer Registration Begins- will remain open until 4pm
10pm-12pm: Open Gaming - Come play some games before the event begins!
12pm-2pm: Doors Open!- Retailers visit manufacturer booths
2pm-3pm: Special presentation from Wizards of the Coast
3pm-6pm: =Speed Gaming= (first session)
6pm-7pm: Cocktails and Dinner
7pm-10pm: =Speed Gaming= (second session)
10pm: PHD’s closing comments

Friday, May 13- NJ Warehouse

9am-2pm: Huge warehouse sale! Breakfast served

Attending Manufacturers

Attending Manufacturers

2016 Speed Gaming — New Jersey Highlights

What Is =Speed Gaming=?

Come on down! You could be the next contestant on PHD =Speed Gaming=! =Speed Gaming= is a unique distributor event in which we invite you, the retailer, to come and play games with the manufacturers. You will have twenty-five minutes of playing time with each manufacturer. When the twenty-five minutes are up, you will move on to the next manufacturer’s table for a new game to play. There will be a lot of winners and grand prizes that will be absolutely bananas! Did I mention you will get FREE STUFF!?

How Does This Aid My Retail Business?

  • You will experience a wide selection of new games.
  • You will have your questions answered directly by manufacturers.
  • You can make informed purchasing decisions on these new products.
  • Your ability to effectively promote these games is exponentially increased by your newly acquired knowledge and enthusiasm through the =Speed Gaming= experience.