Legacy: Free From The Yoke RPG – Modiphius

Legacy: Free From The Yoke RPG – Modiphius

Free From The Yoke is a roleplaying game inspired by Medieval Rus, with a dash of political intrigue, providing players with a Scandinavian world full of rivals and allies. In the game, an occupying force has recently withdrawn from the Homeland causing a power vacuum, with one family— the Arbiter—holding the lion’s share of authority.

Free From The Yoke is a standalone fantasy hack of Legacy RPG (Life Among the Ruins). While you don’t need any other books to play it, the play advice section in the Legacy corebook is still applicable. The game tweaks Legacy‘s core rules to include inter-house intrigue, ancient magic, and a ruling Arbiter who your Families must appease, manipulate, or keep at bay.

Included in the book are:

• Rewritten core moves—these move Legacy towards fantasy, mystery and politicking. You can place a geas on your pupils when they Learn a Ritual, engage in dramatic Duels, spend your House’s Coin to Speed the Wheels, and more.

• Mechanics for the Arbiter—keep them at bay and isolate yourself from society, heavily invest in their projects and win political favor, or call on the aid of the Arbiter’s Hand to back your character up on their adventures.

• New House playbooks—including merchants, horselords, lorekeepers, mariners, artisans, and the clergy.

• New Character playbooks—including the heroic Bogatyr, the wily Scout, the genial Ambassador, the canny Merchant, the trailblazing Explorer, the mystical Loremaster, and the plucky Vagabond.

Legacy: Free From The Yoke
Publisher: Modiphius
Item Code: MUH051699
MSRP: $25.00
Releases January 4, 2020

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