UniVersus CCG: Soul Calibur VI Deck Loadable Content — Jasco Games

UniVersus CCG: Soul Calibur VI Deck Loadable Content — Jasco Games

Upon awakening from a heinous nightmare, Zasalamel explains that you need to harness power from astral fissures in order to survive the Evil Seed. Astral fissures are rips in time and space caused by the power within the Earth and the evil within the Evil Seed. When encountered, most people will become manifested and turn into monsters in both body and mind. After you absorb and close the astral fissure, Zasalamel will give you the Spirit Scales that show your soul’s balance between chaos and order.

Universus: Soul Calibur VI CCG DLC Pack
Publisher: Jasco Games
Item Code: JASDLC01B
MSRP: $29.99
Releases March 6, 2020

Each UniVersus DLC (Deck Loadable Content) contains four new Characters. Each Character has an Attack card (2 copies) and a Foundation card (2 copies). This set features 12 new cards, for a total of 20 cards, and all cards in the DLC are foil!

Jasco Games DLC Timeline:

UniVersus DLC timeline

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