Pathfinder Society Boosts Player Options

Pathfinder Society Boosts Player Options

If you currently host or are considering hosting Pathfinder Society games in your brick-and-mortar store, Paizo has some excellent news! Their team has finished their review of their current products and consulted with the Pathfinder Society community’s Additional Resource team to adapt all the rulebooks and Lost Omens products, up to and including Pathfinder Lost Omens Gods & Magic, for official Pathfinder Society gameplay.

This means that, effective immediately, character options from the following books are approved for Pathfinder Society play.

Pathfinder Core Rulebook (PZO2101)
Pathfinder Bestiary (PZO2102)
Lost Omens World Guide (PZO9301)
Lost Omens Character Guide (PZO9302)
Lost Omens Gods & Magic (PZO9303)
The Fall of Plaguestone (PZO9555)

For the complete article, including any restrictions and details concerning the incorporation of these books into your official campaign, click on the link to the Paizo Community Blog post.

If you have any additional questions, you can contact Paizo’s Organized Play Coordinator, Tonya Woldridge, at Retailers may send their questions or comments about organized play to If you require any additional support, you may also contact PHD’s Director of Organized Play, Rod Edwards, at