Shadows of Brimstone: Gastral Tyrant & A Touch of Evil — Flying Frog Productions

Shadows of Brimstone: Gastral Tyrant & A Touch of Evil — Flying Frog Productions

Shadows of Brimstone: Gastral Tyrant

The Gastral Tyrant is one of the most terrifying creatures across all of time and space! Nesting within the moist chambers of the Belly of the Beast, or infesting the steam-filled engine decks aboard the Derelict Ship, these massive alien monstrosities have long, spiny arms allowing them to writhe and scurry across walls—and ceilings! A Gastral Tyrant can lay hundreds of eggs, which burst into countless writhing hatchlings.

Shadows of Brimstone: Forbidden Fortress — Gastral Tyrant XL Enemy Pack
Publisher: Flying Frog Productions
Item Code: FFP07E22
MSRP: $34.95
Releases February 21, 2020

This XL Enemy Pack contains everything you need to have Epic battles with the Gastral Tyrant, and it includes a new Mission focusing on a fight for survival, trapped in the lair of this deadly new Enemy.

A Touch of Evil 10-Year Anniversary Edition

Players: 2–8 • Ages: 14+ • Play time: 60–120 min.

It has been a long time coming…the 10-year-anniversary edition of A Touch of Evil!  Like the Last Night on Earth: 10th Anniversary Edition, this is a limited-edition (one single print run!) celebration of the classic board game. It includes beautifully detailed plastic minis for each of the corner locations, many of the tokens (Investigation, Wounds, Shadow Track Marker), brand new busts for each of the classic Town Elders, and an incredible mini for the Epic Spectral Horseman!

A Touch of Evil 10-Year Anniversary Edition
Publisher: Flying Frog Productions
Item Code: FFP0207
MSRP: $99.95
Releases April 24, 2020

This new Epic version of the Spectral Horseman delves much deeper into the villain experience and theme (including all new decks of cards just for the Epic Horseman)!  This anniversary edition features all of the Web Villains that have been released over the years—in print for the first time—plus an all-new rule book that collects 10 years of rules for the game, updated, streamlined, and organized together in one definitive volume!

Everything is contained in a large collector’s box with a laser holo-sticker with the unique number of that particular copy of the game within the limited single print run. The box has space to hold your A Touch of Evil collection.


  • 1 Full-color rule book
  • 1 Folding game board
  • 8 Hero figures (grey)
  • 6 Town Elder busts (grey)
  • 1 Spectral Horseman (grey)
  • 4 Large corner location pieces
  • 32 Plastic wound markers
  • 40 Plastic investigation tokens
  • 1 Plastic Shadow Track marker
  • 16 Dice (8 green and 8 black)
  • 53 Event cards
  • 53 Mystery cards
  • 22 Windmill cards
  • 22 Abandon Keep cards
  • 22 Olde Woods cards
  • 22 The Manor cards
  • 16 Town Item cards
  • 6 Town Elder cards
  • 20 Secrets cards
  • 20 Lair cards
  • 15 Epic Encounter cards
  • 10 Epic Hunting Gear cards
  • 5 Epic Objective cards
  • 6 Reference cards
  • 6 Curse of the Werewolf cards
  • 8 Large Hero character sheets
  • 5 Large Villain record sheets
  • 14 XL Villain/Minion charts
  • 3 Full-color sheets of die-cut counters
  • 1 Expanded Game Soundtrack CD

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