Montmartre, Tang Garden, Iwari — Lucky Ducky Games

Montmartre, Tang Garden, Iwari — Lucky Ducky Games


Players: 2–5 • Ages: 8+ • Play time: 20 min.

Montmartre is an intricate game filled with the nostalgia of the streets of Paris! Sell your paintings, and become the richest painter.

Publisher: Lucky Duck Games
Item Code: LKYBLMON01KPL619
MSRP: $19.99
Releases April 30, 2020

During your turn, choose between one of two actions: paint or sell. When you paint, place in front of you a card of the chosen value or two cards if their combined worth is equal to or lower than 5. Otherwise, sell one or more cards of the same color on the market for one franc per card.

To sell, sell a card to a collector if you have the most cards or points for that style of paintings and if Ambroise Vollard, the art dealer, is not next to the collector. If the two conditions are met, discard the card with the highest value, take the Collector Card you were after, and move Ambroise Vollard to where the sale takes place.

Once per game, it’s also possible to take one of the available contracts, granting you points. The game ends when a player has 15 francs or when two piles of Collector Cards are exhausted. The player with the most points becomes the most famous painter of the moment!

Tang Garden

Players: 1–4 • Ages: 14+ • Play time: 45 min.

Tang Garden is a zen-like game that will take you to the first golden age of China, where players will progressively build a garden by creating the landscape, placing the scenery, and projecting their vision through vertical panoramas. During the construction, noblemen will visit the garden to admire both the surroundings and the way the natural elements coexist in the most breathtaking scenery humankind has ever laid their eyes upon.

Tang Garden
Publisher: Lucky Duck Games
MSRP: $65
Releases May 4, 2020

The game features scenery building, tile placement, card drafting, miniature placement, and sight scoring. It’s easy to explain, and a demo game can be split into three parts with two rounds in between explanations. Each turn takes 10 seconds to play, and the game features a great table presence, starting with a white canvas and ending with an explosion of color through the game’s main mechanism of scenery building.


  • 1 Game board
  • 1 Double-sided starting tile
  • 60 Garden tiles
  • 16 Lantern tokens
  • 4 Solo lantern tokens
  • 60 Coins
  • 54 Decoration cards
  • 36 Decorations
  • 4 Player boards
  • 12 Cubes
  • 12 Character cards
  • 12 Character miniatures
  • 4 Character tokens
  • 8 Large landscape tiles
  • 12 Small landscape tiles
  • 16 Landscape tokens
  • 1 Engineer token
  • 1 Rule book


Players: 2–5 • Ages: 14+ • Play time: 45 min.

Iwari is an abstract-like euro game in which players represent different tribes who endeavor to define their identity by traveling and expanding settlements into five different types of regions in a strategy game of majorities. Iwari reimagines the award-winning game Web of Power to become a timeless classic by Michael Schacht. It features area influence, card drafting, hand management, and route building.

Publisher: Lucky Duck Games
MSRP: $60
Releases May 29, 2020


  • 1 Rule book
  • 5 Player-aid cards
  • 1 Double-sided map game board (“New Horizons” and “The Vast Lands”)
  • 40 Plastic totems (8 for each color)
  • 105 Wooden tents (21 for each color)
  • 1 Double-sided score-track board
  • 12 Territory scoring markers
  • 4 Mountains
  • 5 Double-sided scoring tokens
  • 57 Biome cards (13 red, 12 green, 11 blue, 11 yellow, 10 orange)
  • 1 Totem scoring marker
  • 6 Silkscreen-printed feats (2 Discovery, 2 Union, 1 Honor, and 1 Respect)

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