Argent Saga: Ascension Spoiler Alert!

Argent Saga: Ascension Spoiler Alert!

The battle for Argos comes to an epic conclusion with Argent Saga: Ascension! The five towers have fallen, and with that, Jemial unleashes his secret plan. He releases his father, the Silver King, from his prison of the Argent Tower, but at a deadly cost. With Metaial, the Silver King’s return, the people of Argos must set aside their differences and work together to take down this common foe!

Card previews have been going on, but there has been one looming question: What exactly is The Great Magimaze? It appears to be a new archetype, with several other previewed cards referring the Magimaze.

Magimaze cards

Well, the mystery is over, with PHD’s Argent Saga: Ascension preview card!

The Great Magimaze

The Great Magimaze introduces a new strategy to Argent Saga: Remove all the Maze Counters to win the game! Booster Set 3: Ascension introduces new Spirits, an alternate win condition, and powerful Omega units. Argent Saga’s Booster Set 3: Ascension (ARG20009) releases March 26, 2020.

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