Premiere Playset PRO-Binder — Ultra•PRO

Premiere Playset PRO-Binder — Ultra•PRO

The Ultra•PRO Black Premiere Playset PRO-Binder is designed for collecting and storing play sets of your favorite trading cards.

play set binder (closed)

Premiere Playset PRO-Binder
Publisher: Ultra•PRO
Item Code: UPR15321
MSRP: $32.99
Releases May 2020

It features a new, double-fold, compact design, and each row holds four-card play sets. Each page is made of embossed web material to give cards a classic, framed look. The side-loading pocket design prevents cards from easily falling out, and strong magnets are strategically positioned to hold the binder shut when not in use. Each binder is made from archival-safe, acid-free, non-PVC material and is sized to fit 480 single-sleeved, standard-sized cards in Ultra•PRO Deck Protector sleeves.

play set binder (open)

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