Infinity April 2020 Releases — Corvus Belli

Infinity April 2020 Releases — Corvus Belli

Operation Kaldstrøm

Operation: Kaldstrøm Battle Pack is a box containing 14 miniatures belonging to two different armies, an introductory rule set, cardboard scenery, and dice—everything you need to start collecting Infinity CodeOne or just to complete your collection!

Operation: Kaldstrom

Infinity CodeOne: Operation Kaldstrøm
Publisher: Corvus Belli
Item Code: CVB280030
MSRP: $129.99
Releases April 2020

In addition to this, Operation: Kaldstrøm is the official way to introduce yourself to the Infinity CodeOne rule set, as it includes a full-color rule book with five tutorial missions to teach you how to play, making it easy to understand the Infinity CodeOne core mechanics.

In this booklet, you will also find the background and troop profiles of all the troops in the Battle Pack. There is also a brief guide to the Infinity universe and advice on exploring it in more detail.

Operation: Kaldstrøm contains two totally new Starter Packs of two brand new factions: PanOceania the hyperpower of the Infinity universe, and Yu Jing, PanOceania’s main contender, its perpetual opponent.

Operation Kaldstrom minis

The PanOceania Starter Pack contains the following models:

  • 3 Fusiliers
  • 1 WinterFor Orc Troop
  • 1 Nøkken, Special Intervention and Recon Team
  • 1 Infirmarers of Saint Lazarus
  • 1 Knight of Justice (KOJ) of the Order of the Hospital

The Yu Jing Starter Pack contains the following models:

  • 3 Zhanshi
  • 1 Daofei Tactical Section
  • 1 Guilang Skirmishers
  • 1 Hùndùn Ambush Unit
  • 1 Jujak Regiment, Korean Shock Infantry
Operation Kaldstrom terrain

To complete the game experience, the Battle Pack includes ready-to-play, double-sided, printed cardboard scenery (4 Buildings, 4 Holoads, 2 Public Consoles, and 9 Blast Barriers), a Game Mat, 6 twenty-sided dice (3 for PanOceania and 3 for Yu Jing), and also cardboard markers, templates, and a measuring tool. It’s everything you need to start playing!

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Kunai Solutions Mercenary Ninjas

Security resources is what Kunai Solutions offers. And for this, they have the cover company of the Takemura ninja clan—that means espionage, thievery, assassination, and many other illegal activities for money. After all, they are one of the honorless clans who betrayed the Japanese Emperor to keep working for Yu Jing—and also for PanOceania or any other who pays well. What else can you expect from them?

Dire Foes Mission Pack Alpha: Retaliation

PanOceania knows that a power does not maintain its supremacy by allowing any attack against it to go unpunished. Following the events in Kaldstrøm, a representative of the Yu Jing diplomatic corps who is visiting Huangdi will be the target of a team led by Troll-hunter Gunnar Lundmark. Of course, with Imperial Agent Adil Mehmut of the Special Division as the diplomat’s bodyguard, the task will not be easy.


Infinity CodeOne: Retaliation Dire Foes Mission Pack
Publisher: Corvus Belli
Item Code: CVB280031
MSRP: $40.99 (3 minis)
Releases April 2020

Retaliation minis

Aristeia!: Prysm, Crimson Ice

Prysm Crimsom Ice is the name of one of the mythical swords forged at the dawn of time to fight the evil that came from the sky. This high-quality metal version of Prysm offers an alternative design, perfect both for players and collectors.

Aristeia!: Prysm Crimson Ice

Aristeia!: Prysm, Crimson Ice
Publisher: Corvus Belli
Item Code: CVBARI45
MSRP: $19.49 (1 mini)
Releases April 2020

Prysm mini

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