Options for Selling Games Online

Ecommerce option for gaming retail stores

As many stores across the U.S. have to close their doors due to “non-essential” business restrictions, retailers that don’t currently have an online presence are looking into how to sell their inventory online. This can seem very daunting, but luckily there are several good options for getting an e-commerce site up and running fairly quickly.

Everyone has some level of knowledge and comfort with websites. Heck we use them every second of the day. However, not everyone is comfortable with some of the deeper technology that goes into making websites or don’t have the time to dig into the abyss, and that is just fine. For this reason, I am going to split these options into two categories; managed options and do it yourself options.

Managed Options

I am going to start with managed options since these will take a little less time on your part to get up and running, but this is at the expense of a little more cost for set up and operation.

Crystal Commerce - Ecommerce sites for the gaming industry

Having supported game store retailers in our industry for a while now, Crystal Commerce provides a full online shopping solution for your customers including a huge gaming product database so you don’t have enter in products.

At CrystalCommerce, our mission has always been to support and empower game & hobby stores worldwide.

As we face the global outbreak of Coronavirus (COVID-19), we remain devoted to this mission wholeheartedly. Small businesses of all sorts have to change the way they operate because of (COVID-19) restrictions.

We want to help you to move your business online. Thus, we have reduced signup fee to $0.99 to help your business during these uneasy times.

From the Crystal Commerce website

New to the scene, BinderPOS is offering a full POS and online ecommerce solution that leverages the power of Shopify (more on this below). They also offer full in-house design help to get your site running and looking good without a big time sync on your part.

From setting up and selling your first product online through to managing multiple sales channels and thousands of online and offline orders BinderPOS has you covered.
We partner with leading platform and technology providers to ensure your business is running with the latest tools.
Working with Shopify allows us to leverage a catalog of third party integrations and applications to help improve your sales and improve your business workflows and efficiencies.

From the BinderPOS website

BinderPOS is headquartered in New Zealand but offers services globally.

Do-It-Yourself Options

If you are the more enterprising sort and are comfortable figuring stuff out, then there are a couple of good options for the DIYer.

WordPress + Woocommerce
WordPress is a free website software you can use that is widely support by all kinds of great 3rd party plugins. Many of which are free. Also, most popular web hosting companies offer a one-click install of WordPress from the backend hosting control panel. If you already have a WordPress site then you are nearly there.

Once you have your WordPress up and running your next step is to install WooCommerce. This is one of the most popular, well supported, and most downloaded ecommerce platforms for WordPress. There have been almost 90 million downloads for this software so you know it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. There are no setup fees or monthly fees, just transaction fees, so there is essentially no financial risk.

Inside WordPress you can download WooCommerce via the Plugins section. I won’t sugar coat the idea that setting up WooCommerce will happen overnight, but it is one of the most polished user experiences to get you going as fast as possible. There are also tons of YouTube tutorials to support you along the way.

You have probably heard of Shopify at this point because it is the hottest ecommerce software out there right now. This is only in the DIY category because you still have to input your items into the site, but they offer a full-service solution if you want them to do the work. However, it is completely possible for the less tech savvy to get up and running quickly.

They have a suite of tools to assist you in marketing your online shop as well. You can create Facebook ads and Google shopping ads directly in Shopify.

If you want to update your POS, Shopify can do that too, including multiple users (employees) even if you have multiple registers, Shopify can handle that.

If you have sales in TCGs, then you may want to consider selling your cards through the TCGPlayer marketplace. They offer a simple way to scan your cards and research marketing pricing all within the site. There is no set up fee, just fees upon sales, so it is a low investment risk and you can get up and running quickly.

Additionally, they have several great tools to help if you want to set up buying cards as well. You get to set pricing and they will promote your sales price directly to players who are looking to sell their cards.

In Summary

What I have listed above is just a few of the more popular and well trusted options. This by no means is an exhaustive list, as there are a plethora of options out there. These all have very good support and will hopefully inspire you to think about putting some games online to sell.

I have owned a brick and mortar game store, sold items online, and also had a web development company for many years. If you have any questions about getting up and running online, please contact me, Chris Strecker/Direct of Marketing. We want to make sure you have all the tools you need to successfully adapt to the changing marketplace.