Keeping up with Wizards of the Coast

Keeping up with Wizards of the Coast

In response to COVID-19, Wizards has made a number of announcements and policy changes to enable WPN members to serve their communities, navigate the disruption, and above all remain safe.

Double Your Mystery Booster Allocation with Online Play, Sales

Wizards announced a plan to deliver an allocation of Mystery Boosters to every WPN member.

Buy-a-Box Bonus: MTG Arena Swag Bags

Wizards is allowing stores to ship pre-order customers a Buy-a-Box promo along with a code for items in Magic: The Gathering Arena.

Godzilla promo for Magic: The Gathering

Wizards Eventlink*

Wizards is fast tracking the new tool called Wizards Eventlink* to help stores organize remote Magic events.

Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths Rescheduled for 15 May 2020

As parts of the world recover from COVID-19 while others are still dealing with rising numbers of cases, Wizards of the Coast made adjustments in the release schedule of Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths.

For all the past updates from Wizards of the Coast as it pertains to their COVID-19 response, please head over to their WPN COVID-19 response page.