3,200-Count Card Bins — BCW Supplies

3,200-Count Card Bins — BCW Supplies

The BCW Card Bin is a premium version of the cardboard, four-row Monster Box. Instead of corrugated cardboard, Card Bins are made from durable, acid-free plastic. Card Bins have a pair of hinged lids that tuck under the bins when open. When closed, latches keep the lids shut and cards secure. Card Bins are stackable with feet on the bottom that rest in the lid of the bin below it to prevent sliding. The rows in the bins are notched along the top to hold partitions. Four Card Bin Partitions come with each Card Bin, while extra partitions may be purchased separately. The card bin also comes with a set of BCW toploaders that fit into special, exterior slots to help mark the contents of each row. 

BCW Card Bin
Publisher: BCW Supplies
Item Code: BCWCCB3200GRY
MSRP: $39.99
Releases January 7, 2021

The rows in the Card Bin are wide enough to accommodate toploaders and magnetic card holders. Depending upon the thickness of your cards or card holders, the quantity of cards the bin can hold will vary. Below are the approximate amount of cards the Card Bin will store:

  • Loose sports cards: 800/row; 3,200 total
  • Loose CCG cards: 1,100/row; 4,400 total
  • Sleeved CCG cards: 600/row; 2,400 total
  • Standard 20 pt. toploaders: 220/row; 880 total
  • 35 pt. Magnetics: 48/row; 192 total

These BCW Card Bin Partitions are designed to work exclusively with the 3,200 ct. Card Bin. They are notched and tabbed to hold into place, and they also provide some structural support for long stacks of cards. These additional dividers separate your box into visible sections. Adhesive labels can easily be affixed to the plastic.

Collectible Card Bin Partitions
Publisher: BCW Supplies
MSRP: $7.99
Releases January 7, 2021

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