Magic: The Gathering Strixhaven Commander Accessories — Ultra•PRO

Magic: The Gathering Strixhaven Commander Accessories — Ultra•PRO

Strixhaven Commander Play Mats

These play mats feature art from the Magic: The Gathering Commander 2021 pre-constructed decks.
  • Made with a premium fabric top to prevent damage to cards
  • Dimensions of approximately 24″ × 13.5″
  • Nonslip rubber backing lets the play mat lie flat and prevents it from shifting during use
Five play mats featuring Strixhaven college art:
UPR18642 Silverquill C21 Play Mat $21.99
UPR18643 Prismari C21 Play Mat $21.99
UPR18644 Witherbloom C21 Play Mat $21.99
UPR18645 Lorehold C21 Play Mat $21.99
UPR18646 Quandrix C21 Play Mat $21.99

Strixhaven Commander Combo Boxes

These combo boxes include 100 Deck Protector sleeves with a matching 100+ Deck Box.

  • Matching accessories feature vibrant, full-color legendary art from the Magic: The Gathering C21 release
  • 100 Deck Protector sleeves made with archival-safe polypropylene film using proprietary ChromaFusion technology
  • Sleeves fit standard-size trading cards (2.5″ × 3.5″)
  • 100+ Deck Box is made with archival-safe, non-PVC rigid polypropylene material
  • Each box comes with 1 matching deck divider

Five designs featuring Strixhaven college art:

UPR18647Silverquill C21 Combo Box$15.99
UPR18648Prismari C21 Combo Box$15.99
UPR18649Witherbloom C21 Combo Box$15.99
UPR18650Lorehold C21 Combo Box$15.99
UPR18651Quandrix C21 Combo Box$15.99

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