Dice Scroll — Ultra•PRO

Dice Scroll — Ultra•PRO

The Dice Scroll offers premium dice storage and functions as a dice-rolling mat. Made with a durable leatherette exterior and soft microfiber interior, your favorite dice will be stored safely and your table protected when rolling on this soft, rollout mat. The zippered compartment holds 20+ dice on average. The rolling mat rolls into a scroll around the zippered compartment and is secured shut with a single-tie to look like an ancient leather-bound scroll.

Dice Scroll
Publisher: Ultra•PRO
Item Code: UPR15842
MSRP: $18.99
Releases Q1 2022


  • Combination dice storage and rolling mat
  • Zippered pouch holds 20+ RPG dice
  • Secure single-tie strap closure
  • Great for RPG players and dice enthusiasts
  • Leatherette exterior with soft microfiber interior

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