Final Fantasy TCG Anniversary Collection Set 2022 — Square Enix

Final Fantasy TCG Anniversary Collection Set 2022 — Square Enix

Five years since the launch of the Opus series, by August 2021, Square Enix will have released 14 types of booster packs, and the Final Fantasy TCG has continued to grow and expand. They want to celebrate that by announcing this commemorative set available early next year.

This set comes in an outer box that can be used as a mid-sized storage box, with a 50-card deck you can use to play with right away and an additional 200 cards featuring some sought-after cards from Opus I through Opus XII booster packs. On top of that, they’re introducing a new commemorative “Anniversary” promo card and are including three of that design, for a total of 253 cards in this historical, first-ever FFTCG collection set.

Final Fantasy TCG:
Anniversary Collection Set 2022

Publisher: Square Enix
Item Code: SQE83830
MSRP: $59.99
Releases May 13, 2022

Because there are so many cards that are essential to building a deck, this set will be very helpful to players who have yet to start playing the FFTCG as well as to those who have just started. Additionally, there are three kinds of brand-new promo cards and 1 commemorative promo card design, with 3 cards of each design, which should make this set appealing to current players as well.

Plus, there are L-rarity reprint cards, including some of the cards contained in the preconstructed deck, with two cards per design. One of the two cards is a standard nonfoil card, whereas the other is a nonfoil Full Art card. This is a great set for those collectors wanting to expand their collection into some past cards they may have missed.


  • Mid-sized storage box. This is the sealed outer box that the product comes in. This box is intended to be reused as a storage box after opening.
  • Preconstructed deck (Fire/Water): 50 cards. (Reprint cards: 41 cards; new promo cards: 3 kinds, 3 cards each, for a total of 9 cards. There is 1 premium, full-art included with each kind of promo card.)
  • Reprint cards: 200 cards (from Opus I through Opus XII)
  • Commemorative promo card: 1 kind, 3 cards (all three are premium full-art)
  • There will be a total of 253 cards physically included in this set.
  • Quick Starter Guide: 1
  • Reversible paper playmat: 1

New promo cards:

  • Commemorative promo card: Yuna & Tidus [PR-111]: 3 cards, all Premium Full-Art cards
  • Promo cards included in the preconstructed deck (3 each, with 1 as Premium Full-Art):
    • Squall [PR-108]
    • Yuna [PR-109]
    • Lightning [PR-110]

Reprint Legend cards:

  • Shantotto [1-107L]
  • Golbez [1-135L]
  • Diabolos [5-062L]
  • Y’shtola [5-068L]
  • Rinoa [6-041L]
  • Cloud [8-006L]
  • Zidane [8-115L]
  • Gabranth [9-063L]
  • Fusoya [9-094L]
  • Ashe [10-106L]
  • Ritz [11-063L]

The Legend reprint cards are Full Art cards, but nonfoil. There will be no Premium foil Full-Art cards of the Legend reprint cards.

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