Vivid Zippered 12-Pocket PRO-Binders & Eclipse 2-Piece Boxes — Ultra•PRO

Vivid Zippered 12-Pocket PRO-Binders & Eclipse 2-Piece Boxes — Ultra•PRO

Vivid Zippered 12-Pocket PRO-Binders

Launched originally as the “12-Pocket Zippered PRO-Binders,” the VIVID Collection is growing, starting with the addition of the Black 12-Pocket Zippered PRO-Binder. Look out for future updates, including the addition of other popular sizes and deck storage.

UPR15741Vivid Zippered 12-Pocket PRO-Binder: Blue$31.99
UPR15742Vivid Zippered 12-Pocket PRO-Binder: Green$31.99
UPR15743Vivid Zippered 12-Pocket PRO-Binder: Purple$31.99
UPR15744Vivid Zippered 12-Pocket PRO-Binder: Red$31.99
UPR15745Vivid Zippered 12-Pocket PRO-Binder: Light Blue$31.99
UPR15746Vivid Zippered 12-Pocket PRO-Binder: Yellow$31.99
UPR15747Vivid Zippered 12-Pocket PRO-Binder: Teal$31.99
UPR15891Vivid Zippered 12-Pocket PRO-Binder: Black$31.99

Eclipse 2-Piece Deck Boxes

These are translucent, two-piece, polystyrene deck boxes for standard-size trading cards  Each holds 100+ double-sleeved cards in Ultra•PRO Deck Protector sleeves. Their stackable design makes for easy organization. They are made with acid-free, non-PVC materials.

This is a two part release. Arriving Q1 2022 are Arctic White, Jet Black, Apple Red, Pacific Blue, Forest Green, and Royal Purple. Arriving Q2 2022 are Pumpkin Orange, Lemon Yellow, Lime Green, Hot Pink, Sky Blue, and Smoke Grey.

UPR15826Eclipse 2-Piece Deck Box: Arctic White$4.99
UPR15827Eclipse 2-Piece Deck Box: Jet Black$4.99
UPR15828Eclipse 2-Piece Deck Box: Apple Red$4.99
UPR15829Eclipse 2-Piece Deck Box: Pacific Blue$4.99
UPR15830Eclipse 2-Piece Deck Box: Forest Green$4.99
UPR15831Eclipse 2-Piece Deck Box: Royal Purple$4.99
UPR15832Eclipse 2-Piece Deck Box: Pumpkin Orange$4.99
UPR15833Eclipse 2-Piece Deck Box: Lemon Yellow$4.99
UPR15834Eclipse 2-Piece Deck Box: Lime Green$4.99 
UPR15835Eclipse 2-Piece Deck Box: Hot Pink$4.99
UPR15836Eclipse 2-Piece Deck Box: Sky Blue$4.99
UPR15837Eclipse 2-Piece Deck Box: Smoke Grey$4.99

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