Dune: CHOAM & Richese House Expansion — Gale Force Nine

Dune: CHOAM & Richese House Expansion — Gale Force Nine

This expansion adds CHOAM and House Richese to Dune: A Game of Conquest, Diplomacy & BetrayalThis expansion also introduces advanced stronghold and leader skill mechanics to help you gain advantages over your rivals.

Dune: CHOAM & Richese Expansion
Publisher: Gale Force Nine
Item Code: GF9DUNE03
MSRP: $25
Releases February 19, 2022

CHOAM: The Combine Honnete Ober Advancer Mercantiles controls much of the economic affairs across the cosmos and have a keen interest in Arrakis above and beyond spice production. Because of its control of interplanetary commerce, CHOAM is the largest single source of wealth in the Imperium. Influence in CHOAM is a major focus of political maneuvering in the Imperium, both to maximize dividends and to also skim profits.

House Richese: House Richese, just like the Ixians, had a well earned reputation for ingenuity, and they created important technological inventions. After being ousted from governing Arrakis, they are reduced to selling off important creations simply to raise enough funds to continue their efforts to compete.

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