The Batman: Dragon Shield Licenses Accessories — Arcane Tinmen

The Batman: Dragon Shield Licenses Accessories — Arcane Tinmen

Suit up and seek justice with this lineup of The Batman licensed accessories!

Code Description MSRP
ATMDSH16034 The Batman Dragon Shield Sleeves, Limited Edition $19.99
ATMDSH20502 The Batman Playmat, Limited Edition $22.99
ATMDSH38006 The Batman Card Codex Zipster Binder, Limited Edition $41.99

Card Sleeves — The Batman licensed art sleeves are made with the same quality as Dragon Shield, which means the art is printed directly on the sleeve and doesn’t peel or split. The matte textured back ensures an incredible shuffle feel. There’s a black frame around the artwork and a black interior, making these sleeves look excellent with black-bordered cards! The sturdy cardboard box fits 75+ single-sleeved cards or 65+ double-sleeved cards. Every box has a label at the top of the box for personalization.

Playmat — The Batman licensed art playmats provide an excellent playing surface while protecting your cards from unwanted scuffs. Each playmat has a soft fabric surface and a black, rubber, nonslip back. The edges are rounded and stitched for an elegant finish which prevents fraying. The included circular tube is perfect for transporting the playmat.

Card Codex Zipster — For the collectors, this Zipster binder can hold both pocket pages and A4 pages. The binder features a soft, padded cover with a zipper closure, making sure your cards never leave the Zipster Binder unintentionally. A hard, acrylic board inside the covers reinforce the binder, making it damage-resistant yet flexible. Free samples of Dragon Shield 16- and 18-pocket pages in both non-glare and ultra-clear are included. Every Zipster Binder comes with a tab that can be placed in the pocket on the spine for personalization.

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