Capstone Games Available Again through PHD

Capstone Games Available Again through PHD

We at Peachstate Hobby Distribution are happy to announce that the exciting catalog from Capstone Games will be available again through PHD beginning December 1, 2022.

Over the past couple years, Capstone has released the very popular Ark Nova, Riftforce, Boonlake, and many more. That’s in addition to their many longstanding titles including Terra Mystica—now with the Automa solo mode—Maracaibo, and New York Zoo. And with Ark Nova expansions, Beer & Bread, Terra Mystica: Big Box, and more on the horizon, there’s a lot to look forward to.

Scroll down to check out many of the titles that will be available at PHD soon!

Dec. ’22 Riftforce Promotion
To celebrate, Capstone Games and PHD are offering a special promotion throughout December 2022: For every copy of Riftforce purchased, the retailer will get 1 copy of Riftforce: Beyond for FREE!
Code Description MSRP
CTGFS5100  Ark Nova $74.95
CTGFS5101  Ark Nova: Zoo Map Pack 1 February 2023 $9.95
CTGBB01 Beer & Bread January 2023 $34.95
CTGBOON101 Boon Lake $69.95
CTGCCT421 Catherine: Cities of the Tsarina $54.95
CTGCLINICCB Clinic: Campaign Book $14.95
CTGCLINICDLX Clinic: Deluxe $79.95
CTGCLINIC01 Clinic: Extension 1 $49.95
CTGCLINIC02 Clinic: Extension 2 $49.95
CTGCLINIC03 Clinic: Extension 3 $49.95
CTGCLINIC04 Clinic: Extension 4 $24.95
CTGCLINIC05 Clinic: Extension 5 $24.95
CTGCTD101 Coffee Traders $119.95
CTGFG1010 Cooper Island $69.95
CTGFG1012 Cooper Island: Skilled Workers $9.95
CTGFS1003 Crystal Palace $69.95
CTGCC101 Curious Cargo $34.95
CTGTWB1001 Fire & Stone: Siege of Vienna 1683 $49.95
CTGTWB1001PM Fire & Stone: Siege of Vienna 1683 Playmat $29.95
CTGGP101 Gaia Project $99.95
CTGFS6460 Glass Road $59.95
CTGIS101 Imperial Steam $69.95
CTGIR201 Iron Rail #2: Ride the Rails $39.95
CTGIR202 Iron Rails #2a: Ride the Rails — France & Germany $19.99
CTGIR301 Iron Rails #3: Iberian Gauge $39.95
CTGJF101 Juicy Fruits $39.95
CTGMCBO01 Maracaibo $74.95
CTGFS1004 New York Zoo $39.95
CTGORL101 Orleans $59.95
CTGORL201 Orleans: Invasion $49.95
CTGORL301 Orleans: Trade and Intrigue $24.95
CTGBC101 Ragusa $50.00
CTGSC2150 Renature $49.95
CTGFB4210 Riftforce $29.95
CTGFB4240 Riftforce: Beyond $24.95
CTGROR101 Rorschach $29.95
CTGFB3210 Savanna Park $39.95
CTGCTG5001 Stick ‘Em $14.95
CTGTMBIGBOX Terra Mystica: Big Box December 2022 $149.95
CTGTMSOLO Terra: Mystica: Automa Solo $19.95
CTGTM101 Terra Mystica December 2022 $79.95
CTGTM201 Terra Mystica: Fire & Ice $49.95
CTGTM301 Terra Mystica: Merchants of the Sea, Z-Man Version December 2022 $49.95
CTGTM411 Terra Mystica: Mini Expansion 1 $9.95
CTGTNOVA101 Terra Nova $54.95
CTGFG1001 Watergate $34.95
CTGFG1024WH Watergate: White Box Edition $34.95

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