Flesh and Blood June 2023 Armory Kit — Legend Story Studios

Flesh and Blood June 2023 Armory Kit — Legend Story Studios

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The gnashing of teeth…the howls of the damned… They say there’s no gain without pain, but how far are you willing to go? How much will you sacrifice for true power? June Armory events let you use your own life to open the Rune Gate and unleash the horrors within…

This month, Cold Foil Flail of Agony arrives at your LGS along with Extended Art Rainbow Foil Vantom Banshee. This months People’s Champion Play Mat features Requiem for the Damned and is accompanied with the Dusk till Dawn playmat for use at your LGS discretion.

Armory kits are distributed to over 2,000 participating game stores free of charge around the world. They contain promotional items such as posters, as well as exclusive prize material such as cards and playmats, to reward competitors who attend and play in these casual local events.

Flesh and Blood: June 2023 Armory Kit
Publisher: Legend Story Studios
Item Code: FABOP046
Releases June 2023

June 2023 Armory Kit:

  • 4 Flail of Agony (Cold Foil)
  • 33x Vantom Banshee (Extended Art Rainbow Foil)
  • 1 Requiem for the Damned People’s Champion Playmat
  • 1 Dusk till Dawn general-use playmat
  • Armory Event and marketing posters

Starting June 1, players will have the opportunity of earn a Flail of Agony Cold Foil for winning their weekly Armory Event. Players in each Armory Event will also be rewarded for their Flesh and Blood devotion with a Vantom Banshee Rainbow Foil Extended Art for participating and supporting their local community (while stocks last).

Deserving players from each community will have the chance to be awarded a People’s Champion  playmat Requiem for the Damned.

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