Ascending Empires — WizKids

Ascending Empires — WizKids

Thousands of years have passed since humans first settled the Andromeda Galaxy. Wars that raged over resources and ancient alien artifacts seemed neverending. Now, a powerful relic known as the Star-Key has been discovered and has activated massive warp gates. The doors have opened to countless galaxies full of new planets and advanced technologies. It’s time to deploy your ships and build your empire!

Ascending Empires: Zenith Edition updates and expands the acclaimed game of flicking starships to distant planets to discover ancient relics, construct cities and starbases, and develop new technologies. Perfectly blending strategic empire-building with fast and fun gameplay, this new edition also upgrades the starfield game board to neoprene mats and includes over 100 highly detailed plastic miniatures for a premium gaming experience!

Ascending Empires: Zenith Edition
Publisher: WizKids
Item Code: WZK87571
MSRP: $139.99
Releases September 2023

The Zenith Edition offers the ability to play using the original Classic Rules or the updated New Era Rules. Both rulesets feature lightning-quick turns, with actions flowing from one to the next, encouraging you to rapidly adapt your strategy in a dynamic dance of galactic dominance.

The New Era Rules add different elements to your journey, such as starbases and specialty ships. In addition, randomized modular technology trees allow for over 200 unique combinations that turn each play into an incredible new adventure!

Some highlights include:

  • Discovery Tokens — Access powerful relics and trigger game-altering events when exploring planets!
  • Mission Cards — Race to complete expansion or construction objectives and gain powerful bonuses!
  • Megastructures — Construct and control powerful new buildings, like the Star-Harvester or the Dyson Ring!
  • Cooperative and Solo Game Modes — Battle against ruthless Guardians who protect the relics of ancient civilizations!

Lead your fleet through the warp gates on a journey to new galaxies and conquer anyone who stands in your way! Gain Victory Points (VP) by occupying planets, building structures, developing technologies, attacking enemies, and completing missions. Expand your empire and leave your mark on the universe!


  • 124 Highly-detailed plastic miniatures:
    • 40 Troop miniatures
    • 16 Outpost miniatures
    • 32 Research Facility miniatures
    • 16 City miniatures
    • 12 Guardian Robot miniatures
    • 4 Megastructure miniatures
    • 4 Ancient Library miniatures
  • 2-piece Neoprene galaxy mat
  • 32 Planet, warpgate, artifact, and warship disks
  • 56 Starship, starbase, and advanced starship disks
  • 64 Player cubes
  • 4 Player boards
  • 4 Range rulers
  • 32 Technology tiles
  • 150 Tokens
  • 41 Poker-sized cards
  • 1 Guardian board

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