Pirates of Maracaibo — Capstone Games

Pirates of Maracaibo — Capstone Games

Face danger and adventure while you search for valuable treasures in the Caribbean. Set sail for an adventurous raid…for perhaps it will be your last! Face danger and adventure while you search high and low for the most valuable treasures the Caribbean has to offer, and then quickly find a safe harbor to stash priceless gold, rare emeralds, and iridescent pearls. As you sail, be on the lookout for a place to settle after your life on the high seas has come to an end, but you must outpace your opponents as one trip around the Caribbean won’t be enough. You must make three trips in order to retire as the richest and greatest buccaneer of all time!

Pirates of Maracaibo
Publisher: Capstone Games
Item Code: CTGPOM01
MSRP: $49.95
Releases August 28, 2024

Pirates of Maracaibo is a standalone game in the same franchise as 2019’s hit Maracaibo with a more accessible rule set. The game plays over three rounds in which you sail the Caribbean, hire crew, ally with other ships, explore the shore, amass the most treasure, and (ideally) retire to a secluded islands as the most revered pirate in history.

Key Features—

  • Sail the Caribbean, upgrade your ship, adventure on quests, and find hidden treasures as you explore the high seas!
  • A new standalone game in the popular Maracaibo franchise with a streamlined, faster-playing, and more accessible rule set.
  • Immensely fun card-driven, engine-building game with lots of endgame scoring.
  • Infinite variability and replayability, making each new game unique and incredibly different.
  • Includes six modules that modify the setup and provide advanced play options.


Pirates of Maracaibo: Playmat
Publisher: Capstone Games
Item Code: CTGPOM01PM
MSRP: $24.95
Releases August 28, 2024

It’s the official playmat for Pirates of Maracaibo! The playmat features the game’s Caribbean Card Layout, which significantly helps with setup and play of the game. The playmat can also be used with the alternate card layouts shown in the rulebook. Constructed with thick, 2mm neoprene with stitched edges, this playmat will stand the test of time. The playmat comes in a cardboard display box.

New Figureheads Promo

Pirates of Maracaibo: New Figureheads PROMO
Publisher: Capstone Games
Releases August 28, 2024

This pack contains two additional figureheads for your ship—

  • Dolphin — Each time the player gains a pearl, they may bury it immediately.
  • Hydra — Pay 1 fewer doubloon for every gained Improvement or Residence card. During each Explore action, the player may move 1 extra space. During each Raiding action, gain 1 extra Raiding power.

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