Marvel HeroClix: Collector’s Trove — WizKids

Marvel HeroClix: Collector's Trove — WizKids

NOTE: In order to have access to pre-release product, stores must fill out the form of the event, choose PHD as their distributor of choice, and be approved by WizKids. You can find the WizKids sign-up form here: Marvel HeroClix: Collector’s Trove Pre-Release Event.

The Collector is one of the most dangerous villains in the Marvel Universe. Confront him with your heroes and their strongest equipment or embrace the power of his hoard for yourself! Collector’s Trove packs more value into every brick than normally possible—by having more chase figures, items, and surprises in 12 boosters!

HeroClix: Marvel- Collector’s Trove- Booster Brick
Publisher: WizKids
Item Code: WZK85004
MSRP: $203.88 (12 boosters)
Releases November 2024

Collect some of the coolest and most powerful equipment from your favorite comics like Mjolnir, the Cosmic Cube, The Bloodstone, The Crimson Gem of Cyttorak, and more! Discover new ways to cover your team’s weaknesses and bolster their strengths.

Build a team of awesome thieves with support from the Gambit and the Thieves Guild. Plan a heist with Ant-Man Security Solutions. Assemble an army of Iron Man’s armors. Challenge the Collector in space with the Guardians of the Galaxy. You can’t help but add this booster brick to your collection!

Add a burst of potency to your team with all-new One-Shot cards! Lucky players will even have the chance to add heroes and villains wielding the Infinity Gauntlet or The Darkhold to their collection!

Release Day Kit

If you’re working on building an unparalleled HeroClix collection, this Release Day Kit can’t be missed! Release Day Organized Play Kits are back again for Marvel HeroClix: Collector’s Trove! Celebrate the release of this epic set with the exclusive new Collector prize figure!

HeroClix: Marvel- Collector’s Trove- Release Day Kit
Publisher: WizKids
Item Code: WZK85008
Releases November 2024

Each Kit includes prizes to host a release day event, with a prize for 1st, a fellowship award and one flex award (to be used at store’s discretion within the context of the WKPPLA for the expressed purpose of supporting organized play at their store). A suggested format guide is included and makes it easy for stores to run HeroClix organized play for the first time. Release Day Kit Contents:

  • 3 Copies of one Limited Edition Collector HeroClix Figure with Character Card
  • 10 Copies of Fortify One-Shot Card
  • 5 Copies of a double-sided HeroClix Map
  • 1 Addendum/Instruction Sheet

Play at Home Kit

Gamora and Nebula are two of the most dangerous sisters in the galaxy—coming to you like never before in this HeroClix set! With a clear window to show off the character inside, players know exactly what figures they are getting in this Play at Home Kit!

HeroClix: Marvel- Collector’s Trove- Play at Home Kit (Nebula and Gamora)
Publisher: WizKids
Item Code: WZK85006
MSRP: $24.99
Releases November 2024

This set contains (contents subject to change):

  • 1 Limited Edition Nebula HeroClix Figure with Character Card
  • 1 Limited Edition Gamora HeroClix Figure with Character Card
  • Terrain Sheet
  • 1 Rivalry One-Shot Card
  • 1 Double-Sided HeroClix Map

Retail Chase Booster OP Kit

Some people enjoy the finer things in life: enchanted hammers, crowns, Infinity Gems, or Retail Chase Booster Organized Play Kits! Boosters are one of the exciting parts of collecting HeroClix. Players get to open them up and enjoy the surprise of what they’ll get to play with. Retail Chase Booster Organized Play Kits let stores bring the most exciting figures in boosters to their in-store events!

HeroClix: Marvel- Collector’s Trove- Retail Chase Booster OP Kit
Publisher: WizKids
Item Code: WZK85005
Releases November 2024

Retail Chase Booster Organized Play Kits can be used for tournament prizing at a store’s discretion. Some suggestions are:

  • Giving the entire booster to the event winner, unopened. Use other things as the prizing for other players.
  • Opening the booster and let the top players take turns picking items from the retail chase booster until all items are gone.
  • Tracking games that players win over the course of a month and give the Retail Chase Booster to the player who wins the most games.
  • Offer two different big prizes like the Retail Chase Booster and a store gift card, where the tournament winner picks their favorite and the runner-up receives the other.

A HeroClix Retail Chase Booster is specifically designed for the HeroClix superfan. It contains special dice, 3 Bystander tokens, and 3 figures that are rare or better. 

Each Booster Contains:

  • 1 Pair of 22mm Premium Dice
  • 3 Exclusive Bystander Tokens
  • 3 Figures (including 1 Chase figure!)
  • 1 Reusable Storage Box

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