Magic: The Gathering Kaldheim Accessories — Ultra•PRO

Magic: The Gathering Kaldheim Accessories — Ultra•PRO

Deck Boxes & Sleeves

UPR18548Kaldheim 100+ Deck Box featuring Tibalt, Cosmic Imposter$4.99
UPR18549Kaldheim 100+ Deck Box featuring Tyvar Kell$4.99
UPR18550Kaldheim 100+ Deck Box featuring Niko Aris$4.99
UPR18551Kaldheim 100+ Deck Box featuring Kaya the Inexorable$4.99
UPR18552Kaldheim Alcove Flip featuring Stylized Planeswalker Symbol$24.99
UPR18555Kaldheim Combo 100+ Deck Box and 100ct sleeves featuring Lathril, Blade of the Elves$15.99
UPR18556Kaldheim Combo 100+ Deck Box and 100ct sleeves featuring Ranar the Ever-Watchful$15.99
UPR18542Kaldheim 100ct Sleeves featuring Stylized Planeswalker Symbol$11.49
UPR18543Kaldheim 100ct Sleeves featuring Metal Alt Art$11.49
UPR18544Kaldheim 100ct Sleeves featuring Tibalt, Cosmic Imposter$11.49
UPR18545Kaldheim 100ct Sleeves featuring Tyvar Kell$11.49
UPR18546Kaldheim 100ct Sleeves featuring Kaya the Inexorable$11.49
UPR18547Kaldheim 100ct Sleeves featuring Niko Aris$11.49

Play Mats & Other Accessories

SKU Description MSRP
UPR18526 Kaldheim Stitched Playmat featuring Stylized Planeswalker Symbol $23.99
UPR18527 Kaldheim Playmat featuring Alrund, God of the Cosmos $21.99
UPR18528 Kaldheim Playmat featuring Reidane, God of the Worthy $21.99
UPR18529 Kaldheim Playmat featuring Esika, God of the Tree $21.99
UPR18530 Kaldheim Playmat featuring Toralf, God of Fury $21.99
UPR18531 Kaldheim Playmat featuring Valki, God of Lies $21.99
UPR18532 Kaldheim Playmat featuring Vorinclex, Monstrous Raider $21.99
UPR18533 Kaldheim 6ft Table Playmat featuring Raven’s Warning $94.99
UPR18534 Kaldheim 8ft Table Playmat featuring Raven’s Warning $112.00
UPR18553 Kaldheim Playmat featuring Lathril, Blade of the Elves $21.99
UPR18554 Kaldheim Playmat featuring Ranar the Ever-Watchful $21.99
UPR18535 Kaldheim PRO-Binder featuring Booster Box Art $24.99
UPR18536 Kaldheim Wall Scroll featuring Battle for Bretagard $21.99
UPR18537 Kaldheim Wall Scroll featuring Niko Defies Destiny $21.99
UPR18538 Kaldheim Wall Scroll featuring The Bears of Littjara $21.99
UPR18539 Kaldheim Wall Scroll featuring Metal Alt Art $21.99
UPR18540 Kaldheim Life Pad featuring Stylized Planeswalker Symbol $3.99
UPR18541 Kaldheim Life Pad featuring Metal Alt Art $3.99

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