Cardfight!! Vanguard overDress — Bushiroad

Cardfight!! Vanguard overDress — Bushiroad

Cardfight!! Vanguard is seeing the dawn of a new age with the brand new overDress series! Many changes are coming in this new series, including the introduction of the five Great Nations, retirement of the VR rarity, introduction of common and rare Holo variants, the Ride Deck system, and the brand new Over Trigger card type. Read on for all the details, as well as info on the initial releases: five new $3.99 start decks and the Genesis of the Five Greats booster.

Planet Cray, 3,000 Years Later

Keter Sanctuary

Dragon Empire

Brandt Gate

Dark States


It’s been 3,000 years on planet Cray, and the Chakrabarthi Divine Era has arrived. Where 24 clans once thrived, they’ve now formed into five Great Nations. Formerly known as the United Sanctuary, the Keter Sanctuary is the youngest nation on planet Cray. Once a sacred kingdom of heroes who valued justice and order, the country has shrunk in size as a result of repeated civil wars and natural disasters. The Dragon Empire is the only country that has not changed its name over the past 3,000 years, and while the borders are constantly changing, the Dragon Empire remains prosperous thanks to its powerful forces.

Formerly the Star Gate, the Brandt Gate flourishes as an interstellar port for visitors to Cray from various dimensions. The Dark States is a magical nation of everlasting darkness, ruled by a demonic house and comprising the former clans of the Dark Zone. Finally, Zoo and Magallanica have become one nation under the teachings of the great sage Stoicheia. It is a land where the world’s greatest minds gather in a rich natural environment exemplified by the Sacred Tree.

Changes to the Game

With the introduction of overDress, there will be three officially supported constructed formats: Premium, V-Premium (formerly Standard), and the new Standard, featuring overDress-era cards with the new D icon. D-era cards use the Nation system rather than the Clan system, meaning players will all get multiple releases per year that will support their favorite nation’s deck.

With the removal of VR cards, this redesigned system allows players to more easily collect and enjoy their favorite cards. And with the addition of the H (holo) rarity, any common or uncommon can be upgraded for players who seek out this partial holographic style.

constructed formats
Constructed Formats
Updated Rarities

The D era also brings with it the Ride Deck system and Over Triggers. At the start of each game, players will select four cards to form their Ride Deck: one card each of Grades 0–3. Each turn, you can discard a card from hand to ride a card from your ride deck, guaranteeing that you’ll never miss a ride again! The new Over Triggers are one-per-deck super-triggers that grant 1,000,000 power and reflect the characteristics of each nation.

ride deck
Ride Deck
Over Trigger
Over Triggers

overDress also brings with it a new series of the anime, featuring an all new cast of characters. It begins Wednesday, March 24, 2021 on the official Vanguard YouTube channel.

overDress Start Decks

These upcoming start decks are only $3.99 each, and there is one deck for each of the overDress Great Nations. Each preconstructed trial deck contains 50 cards, including 1 holo card, and a play sheet. Yu-Yu Kondo’s Holy Dragon deck features the Dragon Empire—let your allies evolve and fight! Danji Momoyama’s Tyrant Tiger deck features the Dark States—accumulate power for your decisive shot! Tohya Ebata’s Apex Ruler deck features Keter Sanctuary—lead your powerful units to victory! Megumi Okura’s Sylvan King deck features Stoicheia—make consecutive attacks with your comrades! And Tomari Seto’s Aurora Valkyrie deck features Brandt Gate—imprison your opponent’s units!

Holy Dragon Start Deck
Publisher: Bushiroad
MSRP: $3.99
Release May 14, 2021

Tyrant Tiger Start Deck
Publisher: Bushiroad
MSRP: $3.99
Release May 14, 2021

Apex Ruler Start Deck
Publisher: Bushiroad
MSRP: $3.99
Release May 14, 2021

Sylvan King Start Deck
Publisher: Bushiroad
MSRP: $3.99
Release May 14, 2021

Aurora Valkyrie SD
Publisher: Bushiroad
MSRP: $3.99
Release May 14, 2021

Genesis of the Five Greats

All five start decks from Yu-yu Kondo’s Holy Dragon to Megumi Okura’s Aurora Valkyrie get powerful upgrades! Furthermore, a brand new deck with a different theme can be constructed for each nation! Genesis of the Five Greats also features an “Over Trigger” for each nation. Make full use of the quirks of each type during your fight!

Each pack contains 7 random cards, and each display contains 16 packs. The set features 120 types of cards (all new!). There are 10 RRRs, 15 RRs, 30 Rares, and 65 Commons. In addition, there are 92 Parallels (2 Dress Secret Rares, 40 Specials, and 50 Holos). Each pack includes 1 type of token card, and 2 cards in every pack will definitely be Rare or above.

Each box includes 1 SP. As a pre-order bonus, each box will contain 4 sleeves, to be used for Ride Deck cards, as well as a PR Over Trigger featuring the anime’s key art.

Cardfight!! Vanguard: Genesis of the Five Greats Booster Display
Publisher: Bushiroad
Item Code: BUSVGEDBT01
Releases May 21, 2021

The Genesis of the Five Greats Sneak Preview Kit contains 47 booster packs, 8+1 promotional cards, 2 premium rubber play mats (1 design), and 8 exclusive PR Over Triggers. This SP event features some changes from previous sets:

  • Each player gets 5 packs instead of 4 (total 40 packs + 7 prize packs)
  • Implementation of Ride Deck system. Never miss a ride again!
  • Players can bring their own triggers with no special abilities to be used during SP events.
  • SP kit includes 1 Over Trigger for each participant to use in their deck building.

Cardfight!! Vanguard: Genesis of the Five Greats Sneak Preview Kit
Publisher: Bushiroad
Releases May 14, 2021

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