Sheepy Time — AEG

Sheepy Time — AEG

As with previous products, AEG will be adding their Sales Guarantee to Sheepy Time! If you buy 6 or more units, you may return any unsold units (up to 12)! Contact your PHD Account Manager for all the detail and to place your pre-order today!

You are the Dream Sheep, the sheep that people count in order to drift off to Dreamland! Each time you jump the fence, you help everyone fall asleep easier. But beware the Nightmares that haunt these dreams and threaten a rude awakening! Play your cards right, use your Zzzs on the sweetest dreams, and prove you are the dreamiest sheep of all!

Sheepy Time
Publisher: AEG
Item Code: AEG7096
MSRP: $39.99
Releases May 14, 2021


  • 1 Game board
  • 1 Fence token
  • 1 Score board
  • 1 First Sheep token
  • 4 Sheep tokens
  • 4 Wink tokens
  • 4 Pillow tokens
  • 40 Zzz tokens
  • 1 Nightmare token
  • 1 Web token
  • 30 Dream tiles
  • 50 Sheep cards
  • 30 Nightmare cards
  • 3 Nightmare reference cards
  • 2 Pillow reference tiles
  • 1 Rule book

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