Monster Fight Club Comes to PHD!

Monster Fight Club Comes to PHD!

PHD is proud to add Monster Fight Club’s unique lineup of board games, terrain, and miniatures to our roster of products. Check out Tentacle Town, their Cyberpunk Red miniatures, and the awesome line of Monster Scenery and Monster Game Mats below!

Tentacle Town

Do you have what it takes to be the Mayor of Tentacle Town? Manage resources, build homes for the residents, and put them to work, all while fending off attacks by giant tentacles! Tentacle Town is easy to learn and fun for the entire family, with enough optional rules and Random Task cards to keep the game fresh and full of new twists for even the most seasoned board gamers. Fun components, eye-catching box art, and a comic explanation of the game on the box’s back gives Tentacle Town great shelf presence!

Tentacle Town
Publisher: Monster Fight Club
Item Code: MFC50000
MSRP: $50
Coming soon!

Monster Scenery

Monster Scenery is a new line of game-ready tabletop scenery. Every plastic element is pre-painted and ready to use with your roleplaying adventures and on wargame battlefields. Monster Scenery quickly and easily fills your tables with great-looking painted terrain. Every set is durable and versatile. Combine your Monster Scenery sets with a Monster Game Mat (see below) for the ultimate tabletop experience. Great games deserve great scenery!

Code Title MSRP
MFC10100 Verdant Forest $40
MFC10101 Autumn Forest $40
MFC10200 Rock Hills $40
MFC10201 Barren Hills $40
MFC10300 Broken Ground $40
MFC10301 Barren Forest $40
MFC10400 Bridges & Barricades $40
MFC10500 Bushes — Verdant Green $24

Monster Game Mats

Monster Game Mats are printed on thin, double-sided neoprene. One side of the mat is the Broken Grassland—a green field of grass and plants—while the other side depicts the Desert Scrubland, a dry, dirty environment of sand and cracked earth. The mats are available in a variety of sizes for your adventures and battles, as well as gridded and ungridded depending on your play style. Mats will be folded into convenient shelf-sized boxes for ease of in-store display.

MFC201006’×4′ Broken Grassland / Desert Scrubland Game Mat (Ungridded)$100
MFC202006’×4′ Broken Grassland / Desert Scrubland Adventure Mat (Gridded)$100
MFC201033’×3′ Broken Grassland / Desert Scrubland Game Mat (Ungridded)$40
MFC202033’×3′ Broken Grassland / Desert Scrubland Adventure Mat (Gridded)$40
MFC2020222″×30″ Broken Grassland / Desert Scrubland Adventure Mat (Gridded)$35

Cyberpunk Red Miniatures

Welcome to the Dark Future, the Time of the Red. Megacorps have ravaged civilization, and you do what you must to survive. Are you ready to plug in and fight? Bring your adventures to the tabletop with these detailed Cyberpunk Red models. Each model is made from durable plastic and includes a base. Use them to represent your player characters and other citizens living on the edge! Also check out these Cyberpunk Red paint sets from Vallejo—perfect for painting your Monster Fight Club miniatures!

MFC33001Edgerunners A: Solo, Tech, & Netrunner$20
MFC33002Edgerunners B: Tech, Nomad, & Fixer$20
MFC33003Edgerunners C: Rocker, Netrunner, & Media$20
MFC33004Edgerunners D: Solo, Nomad, & Media$20
MFC33005Lawmen A$20
MFC33006Lawmen B$20
MFC33007Combat Zoners A$20
MFC33008Combat Zoners B$20
MFC33009Generation Red A $20
MFC33010Generation Red B$20
MFC33011Rockerboys A $20
MFC33012Trauma Team A$20
MFC33013Trauma Team B$20
MFC33014Combat Zoners C$20

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