Flesh and Blood: Monarch Gift with Purchase Promo Cards — Legend Story Studios

Flesh and Blood: Monarch Gift with Purchase Promo Cards — Legend Story Studios

To celebrate the release of Monarch Unlimited, local game stores around the world will help share the excitement by providing a Promotional Rainbow Foil Hero from Monarch as a Gift with Purchase (while stocks last). Gift with Purchase Promotional cards are strictly limited to 4 per customer (1 of each hero) and are recommended to be gifted with each Booster Display of Monarch Unlimited that is purchased. Check out the awesome rainbow foiling in our videos below, along with further details on acquiring and distributing these promos. Learn more about Flesh and Blood: Monarch in our full article.

Stores should be allocated 1 pack per 2 cases, rounded up. (If a store orders 1 case, they should receive 1 promo pack. If a store orders 10 cases, they should receive 5 promo packs, etc.) These are strictly an LGS-only item. Singles-only sellers that exist through the LSS Grandfather program are not eligible for this promotion. Supplies of these promos are limited and will be available to stores only while supplies last. Additional restrictions may apply.

Please note that this is not to be framed as a “Buy-a-Box” promo item. Customers should not expect to receive one promo per booster box they purchase. However, this will probably be the typical use of these promo cards. Promos are limited to 4 per customer (1 of each unique promo card). Distribution of these promo cards is at the discretion of the LGS to best suit the needs of their community and strictly while stocks last.

These promo cards are ONLY to be used to support Monarch Unlimited and not be used with any other product, event, or promotion.

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