Dune: House Secrets — Portal Games

Dune: House Secrets — Portal Games

Players: 1–4 • Ages: 14+ • Play time: 2–3 hr

Arrakis, the planet of spice and endless sand at the far end of the Imperium, is filled with intrigue,
conflict, and war. On the infamous planet of Dune, you find yourself between two Great Houses.
The sinister House Harkonnen schemes for power and profit, while those loyal to House Atreides
rally a rebellion among the native inhabitants long suppressed under Harkonnen rule.

Dune: House Secrets is a cooperative, story-driven game in which you join the resistance against
House Harkonnen! Experiencing an original adventure inspired by the blockbuster film, you must
complete a series of missions with limited time and resources. It’s impossible to experience every
encounter, and the story changes as you make hard decisions and sacrifices along the way.
How will you uncover the secrets of Arrakis?

Dune: House Secrets
Publisher: Portal Games
Item Code: PLG384192
MSRP: $45
Releases October 15, 2021

Key points:

  • 3 Chapters filled with unique encounters and choices
  • Includes a prologue chapter to introduce the world and story of Dune
  • A thematically immersive experience
  • Undergo secret missions playing as rebels loyal to House Atreides

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