Check Out the Fun Kim Joy’s Magic Bakery Has Been Cooking Up!

Check Out the Fun Kim Joy’s Magic Bakery Has Been Cooking Up!

Your favorite British Baker, Kim-Joy, has moved to a magical forest and opened up a small bakery. Now she needs your help to keep customers happy. From sly foxes to needy cats, gossipy ducks to clumsy dinosaurs, you’re about to have your hands full keeping this bakery running smoothly! Kim-Joy’s Magic Bakery is a light cooperative card game that tells an adorable story over 10 unique scenarios. No baking experience required! Scroll down through the full article to see all the tweets, tiktoks, gameplays, and photos that members of the community have already shared!

Kim-Joy’s Magic Baker
Publisher: Skybound Games
Item Code: SKB4310
MSRP: $20
Releases October 6, 2021

The goal of the game is to bake as many treats as you can for your customers before the day ends and the customers leave. In game terms, this means you and your friends will have a limited number of actions to put together specific sets of ingredients and layers in order to bake increasingly complex treats for your customers.

oh my god @skyboundtabletp sent us @kimjoyskitchen 's new card game!! it came with so many cute things!!! #kjmb

Oh, man! I was sent a promo box for @kimjoyskitchen ’s new baking game. MY WHOLE FAMILY LOVES IT…MAN is it fun and charming!…Highest recommendation!

The game takes place over a series of 10 scenarios that get progressively tougher. Each scenario adds a new challenge to the game that will force you to adapt and change your strategies. Every time you play, you can work your way through the scenarios to experience the story—or you can play in free-play mode to mix and match scenarios for the ultimate co-op baking challenge!

Using the hashtag #KJMB, you’ll find over 100 posts about the promotional box Skybound sent out across Twitter, Instagram, Tik-Tok and YouTube!

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