Hickory Dickory — Plaid Hat Games

Hickory Dickory — Plaid Hat Games

Hickory dickory dock,
Behold Lord Cuckoo’s squawk!
Return his hoard,
For your reward,
By traveling ‘round the clock.

Hickory dickory dock,
Leap, scurry, and gather stock,
You’ll soon savor,
Noble favor,
Of the mad king of the clock!

In Hickory Dickory, players each manage a team of mice eager to appease the bewildering bird who inhabits their beloved clock. Ride the minute hand as your mice travel around the clock, hopping off to grab treasures and win Lord Cuckoo’s approval. But beware! The minute hand can hold but so many mice, and when things get tight, someone is bound to get booted!

Hickory Dickory
Publisher: Plaid Hat Games
Item Code: PHG3900
MSRP: $59.95
Releases Q4 2022


  • 1 Clock board
  • 1 Clock hands assembly
  • 2 Hand space blockers
  • 3 Side boards
  • 4 Hunt boards
  • 1 Bag
  • 93 Acrylic tiles
  • 12 Action space tokens
  • 16 Mouse cards
  • 20 Wooden meeples
  • 25 Mini cards
  • 1 10-Sided die
  • 18 Tokens & markers
  • 2 Reference tiles

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