Magic: The Gathering, Jumpstart 2022 — Wizards of the Coast

Magic: The Gathering, Jumpstart 2022 — Wizards of the Coast

Jumpstart 2022 releases December 2 and may be among the most highly anticipated products for your players this year. After all, where else will they have the chance to try playing a deck with Detective Goblins or Law Cats? Plus, it’s one of the fastest ways to jump into a game of Magic. All your players need to do is open two packs, shuffle the cards, and play.

Jumpstart 2022 works well with all players and is full of fun reprints and wild combos to keep them coming back again and again to try all the different theme combinations.

Magic: The Gathering — Jumpstart 2022
Publisher: Wizards of the Coast
Item Code: WOCD0883
Releases December 2, 2022

The Jumpstart 2022 Booster Box contains 24 Magic: The Gathering Jumpstart boosters. Each Jumpstart 2022 booster contains 1 insert indicating the pack’s theme and 20 Magic cards revolving around that theme, including 1 card with anime-inspired art, a total of 1–2 cards of rarity Rare or higher, and all the lands you need to play. To play with even more wild theme combos, Jumpstart 2022 boosters can be combined with packs from any other Jumpstart product. Each booster has 1 of 46 possible themes—combine them for wild mash ups. Just grab two boosters, shuffle them together, and play!

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