Space Marine Heroes 2022 — Games Workshop

Space Marine Heroes 2022 — Games Workshop

The Blood Angels are among the greatest of the Space Marine Chapters, heroes whose angelic visages and finely decorated armor hide a dark secret a thirst for blood that will one day overwhelm them and drive them to madness.

This series of Space Marine Heroes Series brings you a range of these superlative warriors, armed with a variety of deadly weaponry. From bold Brother Kaerel to the peerless Brother Sergeant Raldaeo , every one is the epitome of a Space Marine Hero.

Space Marine Heroes 2022 Series One Blind Booster Display
Publisher: Games Workshop
Item Code: GWSSMH08
MSRP: $64 (8 blind-buy boxes)
Releases October 2022

These Space Marine Heroes are push-fit miniatures in red plastic, stood atop a textured rubble base. This series includes 6 collectible miniatures presented in a counter display unit that contains 8 blind-buy boxes. Each display contains 1 of each miniature plus 2 duplicates.

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