Nostalgix TCG: Harmonic Surge, 1st Edition

Nostalgix TCG: Harmonic Surge, 1st Edition

Nostalgix TCG: Harmonic Surge 1st Edition BoostersThe Harmonic Surge has begun! When the portals around Nosteram begin emittig a deep hum, a team is sent into them to investigate. Weeks go by with no word from Ion Team, when suddenly an explosive resonance ripples outward from one of the portals. Strange, armored creatures begin to emerge, followed by a mysterious being. A piercing melody rings from the portal as if the record of time itself has been reversed. It has begun.

Nostalgix TCG: Harmonic Surge
1st Edition Booster Display

Publisher: Nostalgix
Item Code: NOS015
MSRP: $89.99
Releases June 2023

Nostalgix TCG: Harmonic Surge contains over 110 new cards. Each booster pack contains 10 cards to add to your collection. Each player must have a 50-card deck and a Hero card to play. Everything changes with the 1st expansion of Nostalgix!

Nostalgix: Base Set Booster Box 1E
Publisher: Nostalgix
Item Code: NOS003
MSRP: $119.99 (36 packs)
Available now!

Base Set 1st Edition is still available! In the debut, 185-card Base Set, a worldwide event has trapped anyone or anything that falls asleep in a shared lucid world populated by characters who feel familiar. Join Heroes like Vix of the Six and Doctor Corvus and clash Fighters like the powerful Booster Box Dragon, Avengaline, and Gametron against each other to reclaim 10 portal counters, return these characters to their rightful homes, and restore the multiverse! Learn more about the boosters and Starter Decks in our full Nostalgix Base Set article.

Art Sleeves

Nostalgix Standard Matte Card Sleeves
Publisher: Nostalgix
Item Code: NOS016–25
MSRP: $9.99 (60 ct.)
Releases June 6, 2023

These premium-quality matte sleeves come bunched in sets of 60 so you have plenty for your main deck and your 10-card side deck. It’s recommended to sleeve your hero in a different-colored sleeve so you don’t accidentally shuffle it.

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