BattleTech Retailer Guide — Catalyst Game Labs

BattleTech Retailer Guide — Catalyst Game Labs

In 2018, Catalyst Game Labs built upon the thirty-five-year legacy of BattleTech with the release of the A Game of Armored Combat (CAT3500D) and Beginner Box (CAT35020M) sets. Those boxed sets included reimagined miniatures which retained the core of each ’Mech’s identity, updated with modern aesthetics. Upon that foundation, Catalyst’s Clan Invasion (CAT35030R) Kickstarter unleashed nearly one hundred additional miniatures and finished among the top 100 Kickstarter campaigns ever.

In the last four years, the avalanche of high-quality, affordable, ready-to-play plastics—coinciding with exciting original fiction and campaign play set in the new ilClan Era–has unleashed a massive wave of BattleTech interest, with more gamers of every age and type playing than ever before. In four-and-a-half years, more than five million high-quality, affordable, ready-to-play plastic ’Mech miniatures will have hit gaming tables.

How do you bring that BattleTech energy and excitement alive—or build more of it–in your store? Let this be your guide as you peruse the comprehensive list of ForcePacks, books, and more.


High-quality, affordable, ready-to-play plastic miniatures ForcePacks are the heart and soul of BattleTech.
  • All corresponding record sheets are available for free download
  • More than 600,000 ForcePacks have been sold in just over two years.
More than twenty ForcePacks are available; these are, by far, the most popular ForcePacks:
Code Description MSRP
CAT35721 Inner Sphere Command Lance $24.99
CAT35723 Inner Sphere Battle Lance $24.99
CAT35725 Inner Sphere Dire Fire Lance $24.99
CAT35720 Clan Command Star $24.99
CAT35722 Clan Heavy Striker Star $24.99
BattleTech Force Packs

BattleTech Experiences

BattleTech ExperiencesThere are four primary BattleTech experiences, each overlapping and supporting each other. Whichever way your store community interacts with BattleTech, the ForcePack miniatures are used in all four areas! They are the heart of the game—just the rules and play experience change with each form of BattleTech. The four options to play BattleTech are:

  • Beginner Box
  • A Game of Armored Combat/ Clan Invasion
  • Rulebooks
  • Alpha Strike

Option 1: Beginner Box (CAT35020M)

  • For $25, players get two ’Mechs and all the materials to play the BattleTech Quick-Start Rules (QSR).
  • Quick-Start Rules and half-page record sheets allow for playing within minutes.
  • Players can level up into A Game of Armored Combat.
  • Or, players can start purchasing ForcePacks. A free online PDF of the QSR contains more than one hundred half-page record sheets for continued QSR-level play.
  • In four years, the Beginner Box has sold more than 65,000 copies.

Option 2: A Game of Armored Combat (CAT3500D) & Clan Invasion (CAT35030R)

  • For $60, A Game of Armored Combat gives players eight ’Mechs and all the materials to play the standard game.
  • One of the best values in the hobby.
  • The Clan Invasion box, for $50, offers a perfect OpFor for the AGoAC ’Mechs.
  • In four years, A Game of Armored Combat has sold nearly 70,000 copies.
  • In two years, the Clan Invasion box has sold 40,000 copies.
  • From here, players purchase ForcePacks & additional rulebooks.

Option 3: Rule Books

  • BattleMech Manual offers all the usual play BattleMech rules in one convenient volume.
  • Total Warfare & the rest of the core rulebook line create the “full” standard BattleTech experience including vehicles, infantry, and more.
  • Roleplaying can be added via either MechWarrior: Destiny or A Time of War.
  • From here, players purchase ForcePacks.
  • In four years, the rulebook line has sold more than 70,000 copies.
Code Description MSRP
CAT35010 BattleMech Manual $39.99
CAT35001V Total Warfare $39.99
CAT35002V TechManual $39.99
CAT35003VA Tactical Operations: Advanced Rules $39.99
CAT35185 MechWarrior: Destiny $39.99

Option 4: Alpha Strike

  • Modern, hexless, fast tabletop-style game play.
  • For $80, the Alpha Strike box set delivers thirteen miniatures, 3D trees, a dozen fold-up buildings, and more—a fantastic value!
  • CountersPack: Alpha Strike includes counters and buildings from the box, along with all new terrain.
  • From here, players purchase ForcePacks, which all come with Alpha Strike cards.
  • The Alpha Strike: Commander’s Edition rulebook massively expands players’ toolkits with the full Alpha Strike rules.
Code Description MSRP
CAT35690 Alpha Strike box Set $79.99
CAT35680 Alpha Strike: Commander’s Edition $39.99
CAT35191 CountersPack: Alpha Strike $24.99

It's Full of Miniatures!

  • As you can see from the four experiences, they all build and support each other.
  • They are all about selling the ForcePacks; miniatures on the table are king.
  • Customers can transition easily between any of the four options.
  • There are many additional products that build upon those paths, outlined below.

Game Aids

Game Aids expand the possibilities, while making gameplay that much easier. The following are just a few options available.

MapPacks & BattleMats

MapPacks & BattleMatsNothing freshens up a game more quickly and easily than a new map. Players can choose the traditional paper MapPacks, or deluxe neoprene BattleMats.

Technical Readouts

Technical ReadoutsTechnical Readouts are the best-selling sourcebook series ever published for BattleTech, with fans universally devouring the lore and illustrations of their favorite ’Mechs. Catalyst recently released a series of Technical Readout compilations for each Era that brings the best ’Mechs back into publication.

Card Decks

Card DecksThe Initiative and Battlefield Support decks make the game all that much easier to play and enjoy.

Code Description MSRP
CAT35150 MapPack: Grasslands $29.99
CAT35800C BattleMat: Alpine $39.99
CAT35135 Technical Readout: Succession Wars $39.99
CAT35136 Technical Readout: Clan Invasion $39.99
CAT35885 Initiative Deck $9.99
CAT35888 Battlefield Support Deck $9.99

A New Era: ilClan Sourcebooks

The ongoing story of BattleTech has always been the hallmark of the game, immersing players in a living, breathing, and ever-evolving dynamic universe. The culmination of nearly twenty years and more than fifty novels, the ilClan Era launched last year with The ilClan sourcebook.

  • All-new, full-color campaign books with expansive maps bring the universe to the table.
  • From the rulebooks to the sourcebooks to the fiction, the focus is always the game table.
  • Each sourcebook supports game play along any of the product paths above.
Code Description MSRP
CAT35901 ilClan $49.99
CAT35902 Tamar Rising $34.99
CAT35903 Empire Alone $34.99
CAT35904 Dominions Divided $39.99

2nd & 3rd Quarter 2023

This year is shaping up to be even more exciting for BattleTech!

  • The much anticipated Universe book will become the one-stop, fan-favorite introduction to BattleTech.
  • Brand new ForcePacks!
  • All new BattleMats, Including the start of the Legendary Battles series, beginning with “Thunder Rift” and “Misery” maps.

Note: The below products will become available for pre-order in the coming months.

Code Description MSRP
CAT35702 BattleTech: Universe $49.99
CAT35139 BattleTech: Recognition Guide Vol. 1: Classics $34.99
CAT35PS1 BattleTech Paint Starter (The Army Painter) $44.99
CAT35800X BattleMat: Legendary Battles: Thunder Rift / Misery $39.99
CAT35770 Snord’s Irregulars Assault Lance ForcePack $29.99
CAT35776 UrbanMech Lance ForcePack $29.99
CAT35775 Proliferation Cycle ForcePack $44.99

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