Glyphic Blind Bag, Series 3 — Level Up Dice

Glyphic Blind Bag, Series 3 — Level Up Dice

Your favorite collectable and tradeable dice are back with more sides than ever before! This Series 3 expansion consists of a curated selection of twenty designs, transformed into d20s. Each luxury, semi-precious stone d20 is also available in an ultrarare, foil “ionized” version. Explore a new world of awe and wonder in every packet of Glyphic Blind Bag Series 3.5!

Glyphic Blind Bag, Series 3.5
Publisher: Level Up Dice
Item Code: LUDGLY97
MSRP: $132 (6 packs)
Releases June 6, 2023


  • 20 Different Designs — Each d20 is custom-designed in house by one of Level Up Dice’s artists. Each face was hand-drawn to bring your favorites designs from Series 3 to life on these Series 3.5 D20’s!
  • Holo/Foiled Versions — Each d20 has a foiled or Holographic version of their design. This means the design is ionized with steel powder to create that shine you love!
  • Mystery Bags — There is an ever-growing community of dice collectors interested in these GBBs and are always looking to trade and collect. You can start your own trading community in your store!
  • Impulse/Countertop Purchase — Glyphic Blind Bags are the perfect product to put next to your register. Stores have seen great success with GBBs front and center when customers are checking out!

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