Amygdala, Delta, Trolls & Princesses, & More — Game Brewer

Amygdala, Delta, Trolls & Princesses, & More — Game Brewer


Discover an abstract strategy game by Kramer & Kiesling. Life is full of emotion, and the region of the brain primarily associated with processing these emotions is the amygdala. In the abstract strategy game Amygdala, players vie for control of different regions, each associated with an emotion. They must collect and store emotional resources in their memory bank, which they will use to unlock emotions from their mind and then place these emotion tiles on the main game board.

Publisher: Game Brewer
Item Code: GBR251
MSRP: $65
Releases October 2023

Emotion tiles can be connected in networks of like emotions to score points. The player with the most emotions in each region can score big points at the end of the game, but only if they manage to unlock and place a claim tile belonging to the region they wish to score.


  • 1 Game board
  • 72 Resource tokens
  • 1 Toll tokens
  • 1 Start-player marker
  • 33 Coins
  • 18 Idea tokens
  • 18 Happiness tokens
  • 24 Dream tokens
  • 12 Rewards
  • 7 VP tiles
  • 4 Player boards
  • 84 Emotion tokens
  • 28 Claim tokens
  • 4 Mood markers
  • 4 Thought clouds
  • 4 VP markers

Hippocrates: Agora

Expand your hospital with the help of nurses and patrons. Next to the temple, where you and your team of physicians are striving to heal the sick and treat the wounded, lies the Agora. This main gathering place is filled with activity, commerce, politics, and people from every level of society. Navigate this central hub to find help for your new medical practice. Become the worthy successor to Hippocrates at the Agora!

Hippocrates: Agora
Publisher: Game Brewer
Item Code: GBR260
MSRP: $15
Releases October 2023

In this expansion to Hippocrates, you will find four modules that can be added to the base game. You can choose to play with one or more of these modules in any combination.


Study the mechanimals in the Delta to save humanity. As you know, it’s been over 150 years since the inventor of the Perpetual Steam Engine (or PSE), Louise Delargue, wrote her last diary entry before her disappearance. That someone could create an invention to seemingly power cities and other technologies forever, without publishing any findings, remains the biggest scientific folly in the era of PSE.

We took the crystals for granted. The supply seemed endless and their energy seemed unending, but we underestimated the growth of populations and the greed for crystal power. As PSE’s across the world try to keep up with the demand, the crystals are breaking.

Publisher: Game Brewer
Item Code: GBR261
MSRP: $65
Releases October 2023

In Delta, players set out on an adventure through the Delta region of Kamargo to try to gather more information about the crystals that power up the PSEs. As players observe the mechanimals such as the tortoise, flamingo, horses, and bulls, send your crew to the different sections of the board to try to maximize your actions—and later on, add new crew members to your team and even set out on special missions. Manage your hand well, gather enough knowledge, and emerge as the victor in this exciting steampunk adventure.


  • 1 Game board
  • 4 Player boards
  • 1 Round marker
  • 11 Turn-order bonus tiles
  • 20 Dragonfly tiles
  • 16 Scientific paper tiles
  • 14 Invention tiles
  • 25 Flasks
  • 25 Crystals
  • 21 Advanced character cards
  • 24 Animal cards
  • 26 Mission cards
  • 12 Last round cards
  • 4 Engineering markers
  • 4 Turn-order markers
  • 4 Victory point markers
  • 64 Exploration markers
  • 4 Extra VP markers
  • 16 Knowledge markers
  • 12 Card markers
  • 40 Basic character cards
  • 1–4 Rulebooks

Trolls & Princesses

Release your inner troll! Trolls are not big and stupid, as many would have you believe. Not long ago, they lived among us, and they used their cunning magic to look like us humans. They lived with their cattle in the mountains. Their caves were beautiful and luxurious with a lot of silver, gold, gems, and a table full of delicious food. In Sweden, there is an expression for this: “Rich as a troll.”

Trolls were not evil. And if you didn’t treat them badly, they could even be helpful to those who treated them well. But they often played tricks on humans. Their magic power (trollkraft) could distort the vision of humans so the troll looked like a human, an animal, a log, and a stone—and they could even become invisible. But they also had some weaknesses. They couldn’t stand the sounds of church bells or steel, not to mention the sight of the sun.

Trolls & Princesses
Publisher: Game Brewer
Item Code: GBR269
MSRP: $69
Releases October 2023

Trolls & Princesses is a “worker movement” game. You play as one of four troll clans and to get the mountains king’s favor, and you try to impress him. The players get favor (in the form of victory points) when they do what trolls usually do: swap changelings, “hire” humans, tear down church bells, kidnap princesses, build their caves, and use troll magic. To succeed, the players must collect resources and move around their trolls to do different actions. The player with the most victory points at the end can crown himself the ultimate troll clan leader.


  • 1 Village board
  • 1 Central board section
  • 64 Cave tiles
  • 24 Obsidian stones (+multipliers)
  • 16 gold bars (+multipliers)
  • 12 diamonds (+multipliers)
  • 60 Turn cards
  • 14 King’s cards
  • 48 Troll cards
  • 20 King’s cave tiles
  • 16 Neutral changelings
  • 12 Princesses
  • 12 Neutral outposts
  • 13 Humans
  • 12 Bells
  • 16 Cows
  • 11 Barn covers
  • 10 Castle tiles
  • 1 Troll king
  • 5 Trolls per player
  • 4 Troll changelings per player
  • 4 Outposts per player
  • 4 Clan markers per player
  • 1 Troll power marker per player
  • 1 Player board per player
  • 1 Player aid per player
  • 1 Rulebook

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