Marvel HeroClix: Wheels of Vengeance — WizKids

Marvel HeroClix: Wheels of Vengeance — WizKids
NOTE: In order to have access to pre-release product, stores must fill out the form of the event, choose PHD as their distributor of choice, and be approved by WizKids. You can find the WizKids sign-up form here: Marvel HeroClix: Wheels of Vengeance Pre-Release Event.

The crackle of flames, the rattle of chains, the revving of engines—it’s the unmistakable sound of Ghost Rider! Experience the Spirit of Vengeance like never before in this bone-chilling HeroClix set!

Mystics! Mummies! Monsters! Motorcycles! MoreYou don’t need Ghost Rider’s Penance Stare to see the awesomeness Wheels of Vengeance brings to HeroClix. Each booster contains 3 standard figures and 1 oversized figure on an extended HeroClix base. Some players will find Elektra or Johnny Blaze on a motorcycle in their booster, but if you’re lucky, you might find Sleipnir or the Headless Horseman!

Legacy Cards return to bring some of the spookiest HeroClix of all time back to the tabletop! When darkness falls, the Spirit of Vengeance lights the way with an otherworldly fire. For the first time ever, experience brand new Hero-Glo effects with select figures in Wheels of Vengeance that show off their powers and abilities in even the darkest night. Whether it’s Iron Fist, Daimon Hellstrom, or the Hellcycle itself, Hero-Glo will help these figures burn brighter than ever before!

Marvel HeroClix: Wheels of Vengeance
Booster Brick

Publisher: WizKids
Item Code: WZK84873
MSRP: $169.90
Releases October 2023

With more than 60 figures and all-new Legacy Cards to collect, you and your friends will be ready for a heck of a time! This set contains (contents subject to change):

  • 12 Common figures
  • 9 Uncommon figures
  • 4 Uncommon figures on extended bases
  • 8 Rare figures
  • 2 Rare Primes
  • 4 Rare figures on extended bases
  • 6 Super Rare figures
  • 2 Super Rare Primes
  • 6 Super Rare figures on extended bases
  • 8 Chase figures on extended bases
  • 11 Legacy cards

Play at Home Kit

With a clear window to show off the character inside, players know exactly what hero they are getting when they pick up the Ghost Rider Play at Home Kit!

Marvel HeroClix: Wheels of Vengeance
Play at Home Kit

Publisher: WizKids
Item Code: WZK84875
MSRP: $19.99
Releases October 2023

This set contains (contents subject to change):

  • 1 Limited-edition Ghost Rider HeroClix figure with character card
  • 1 Limited-edition Ghost Rider [ASM046] Legacy card
  • 1 Double-sided HeroClix map

Dice and Token Pack

This HeroClix Dice and Token Packs contain 2 custom dice featuring a special logo to match the set and 6 action tokens featuring rubber-burning riders like Johnny Blaze, Robbie Reyes, and Danny Ketch! On the reverse side of these action tokens, players can find Bystander tokens to use with figures in the set to help complete their Marvel HeroClix: Wheels of Vengeance collection.

Marvel HeroClix: Wheels of Vengeance Dice and Token Pack
Publisher: WizKids
Item Code: WZK84878
MSRP: $14.99
Releases October 2023

Dice and Token Packs are a great way to enhance your HeroClix experience! This contains 6 Action tokens and 2 Custom dice.

Release Day Organized Play

Release Day Organized Play Kits are back with a vengeance for Wheels of Vengeance! Celebrate the release of this epic set with the exclusive new Blade prize figure in a stylish duster!

Marvel HeroClix: Wheels of Vengeance
Release Day Organized Play

Publisher: WizKids
Item Code: WZK84877
Releases October 2023
Contact your PHD Account Manager for details. Limitations apply.

Each OP Kit includes prizes to host a release-day event, with a prize for first, a fellowship award, and one flex award (to be used at stores discretion within the context of the WKPPLA for the expressed purpose of supporting organized play at their store). A suggested format guide is included and makes it easy for stores to run HeroClix organized play for the first time. 

Release Day OP Kit Contents:

  • 3 Copies of one limited-edition Blade HeroClix figure with character card
  • 5 Copies of a double-sided HeroClix map
  • 1 Addendum/Instruction sheet

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