Fantasy World RPG — Ares Games

Fantasy World RPG — Ares Games

Fantasy World is an exciting RPG of narrative action, adventure, and exploration set in a fantastical world. Designed for three to five participants, it is an immersive experience that requires both strategy and imagination. Gameplay involves one participant playing the role of the World, while all others take on the role of Players. Fantasy World is based on the popular Powered by the Apocalypse system and improves it with new rules and procedures: Now everything is as clear, simple, unambiguous, accessible, and practical as possible.

Fantasy World RPG Core Rulebook
Publisher: Ares Games
Item Code: AGSMS115596
MSRP: $40
Releases August 2023

The game focuses on dramatic fantasy adventuring, where the personal conflicts of the characters turn it with new heroes. The game emphasizes the consequences of the protagonist’s actions, tough choices, personal sacrifices, driving the players through their adventures. Magic is real, gods are silent, cities are rare, and travel is perilous. The Common Moves in the game include action moves, info moves, violence moves, adventuring moves, and special moves. The game also features playable fellowships such as Shields, Knives, Hearts, and Coins as well as playable classes such as Captain, Knight, Maker, Occultist, and many others. Get ready to embark on a thrilling adventure in a world of your own creation with Fantasy World!

Contents of the Box: 320-page hardcover volume, including a general description of the game, a description of Core Mechanics, a guide to the first session, a section dedicated to the World, another section dedicated to Game Moves, as well as a section explaining the changed rules of the PbtA system.


Fantasy World: Kosmohedron is an anthology of quick-settings, written by an incredible roster of international authors, including Nathan D. Paoletta, Grant Howitt, and Kira Magrann, each presenting a collection of thematic elements put together to boost, enrich, and expedite the world-building step of your First Session—and to color subsequent play with highly evocative and unique ideas, options, and details. Players can use this material as is—to play in a certain setting more closely to how its original author envisioned—or they can use it more or less liberally, as a guide and inspiration to craft their own fantastic world.

Fantasy World RPG: Kosmohedron
Publisher: Ares Games
Item Code: AGSMS115597
MSRP: $35
Releases August 2023

The material present in this book has been specifically designed and structured to be used as a seed to be explored and expanded upon throughout the use of Fantasy World drama-focused mechanics, rather than as an exhaustive sourcebook with all the details of a setting.

Fantasy World RPG: Kosmohedron sample spread: ScourgeEach quick-setting is structured in a modular way, to make its use easier: Core Concept (introduction to the fundamental elements and ideas of the setting), Fellowship Archetypes (Classic and/or new archetypes), Bloods and Kins (new options for the setting), Issues and Doubts (examples of possible features to characterize your characters), Classes (new ideas to customize character classes and introducing new classes), and Examples of Stuff (a shortlist of distinctive features that make a setting memorable and recognizable).

Dice Set

This set is the new limited dice set for Fantasy World, the new exciting RPG of narrative action, adventure, and exploration set in a fantastical world.

Fantasy World: Dice Set
Publisher: Ares Games
Item Code: AGSMS12762
MSRP: $5
Releases August 2023

Every player needs a set of dice, and this dice set is created with gold colored engraving, making it a stunning product—a must-have for all the players when experiencing all the adventures in this special setting, using the rules of the Powered by the Apocalypse system, improved and adapted for this new fantasy setting.

Take control of your destiny, throw your special engraved dice, and live your adventure to the best of your ability! Contents: A 3d6 limited gold-engraved custom dice set for Fantasy World RPG.

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