October Renegade Con Announcements!

October Renegade Con Announcements!

The Vale of Eternity

Enter a fantastical world of monsters, spirits, and gods! As a tamer, you’ll hunt and tame a variety of creatures, with the ultimate goal of capturing the powerful and noble dragons. With 70 creatures from global myths, each game is unique and unpredictable. In each round, players draft cards, take actions, and use the effects of their summoned minions. The player who tames the most outstanding creatures will emerge victorious.

The Vale of Eternity
Publisher: Renegade Game Studios
Item Code: RGS02674
MSRP: $35
Releases March 21, 2024


  • 1 Game board
  • 1 Eternity standee
  • 1 Score board
  • 1 Round marker
  • 42 Magic stones
  • 1 First-player marker
  • 8 Player markers
  • 4 Score markers
  • 4 Player tiles
  • 70 Cards

Robo Rally: Master Builder

Introducing a brand new way to build your Robo Rally courses! The Master Builder expansion contains new 6×6 grid boards that allow for crazy course shapes and endless opportunity. This expansion also adds Factory Floor tokens which are individual grid spaces with various elements on them. These tokens can be placed onto the board for exciting course customization!

Robo Rally: Master Builder
Publisher: Renegade Game Studios
Item Code: RGS02637
MSRP: $25
Releases March 2024

These expansion boards and tokens are fully compatible with all existing Robo Rally boards. Tinker away with the Master Builder expansion! Contains:

  • 8 Double-sided, 6×6 Factory game boards
  • 1 Two-sided Docking Bay
  • 5 Upgrade cards
  • 17 Factory Floor tokens

Alice Is Missing: Silent Falls Expansion

The Silent Falls expansion allows players to rediscover the game with additional cards that facilitate evocative new stories. With the Silent Falls expansion, players are provided an opportunity to explore brand new stories with additional Suspect, Location, Character, Searching, and Clue cards, as well as new Relationship cards that help you to deepen your connections to the other characters.

Players have the opportunity to explore uncharted locations such as the dark, echoing spaces of the Caloma Caves, confront new Suspects like the distant father John Briarwood, and uncover thrilling new conclusions to Alice’s disappearance as they reveal the new 10-minute clue cards.

Alice Is Missing: Silent Falls Expansion
Publisher: Renegade Game Studios
Item Code: RGS02660
MSRP: $20
Releases February 29, 2024

The Silent Falls expansion introduces 38 new cards in total, which is more than half the number of cards in the original Alice Is MissingThe Alice Is Missing base game is required to play.


  • Rulebook
  • 38 New cards—
    • 4 New playable characters
    • 2 New Relationship cards, with a total of 12 new prompts
    • 3 New Suspects
    • 3 New Locations
    • 4 New Searching cards
    • 22 New Clue cards (2 additional Clue cards for each standard timestamp as well as 3 additional 10-minute cards and a replacement 90-minute card)

Explorers of the North Sea Collector's Box

Explorers of the North Sea Collector’s Box
Publisher: Renegade Game Studios
Item Code: RGS02647
MSRP: $30
Releases March 2024

Introducing the Explorers of the North Sea Collector’s Box! This box is perfect for collectors who would like to have their medieval trilogy in the same-sized boxes. This Collector’s Box also comes with a top-notch insert with player piece trays from Black Magic Inserts.

More Renegade Con Announcements

Code Description MSRP Release
RGS02624 Axis & Allies: Guadalcanal $60.00 April 2024
RGS02654 G.I. JOE Deck-Building Game: Silent Interlude Expansion $30.00 April 2024
RGS02639 G.I. JOE Mission Critical: Cobra Ascendant Expansion $45.00 April 2024
RGS02649 G.I. JOE RPG: Standee Pack 1 $50.00 January 2024
RGS00527 Lotus $30.00 March 2024
RGS01107 My Little Pony RPG: Story of the Seasons Adventure & Sourcebook $45.00 March 2024
RGS02657 Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid- Arsenal Pack $45.00 May 2024
RGS02656 Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid- RPM Ranger Pack $45.00 May 2024
RGS02636 Robo Rally: Thrills & Spills Expansion $20.00 March 2024
RGS02642 Shipwrights of the North Sea: Redux TBD March 2024
RGS01145 Transformers RPG: The Enigma of Combination Sourcebook $45.00 April 2024
RGS01146 Vampire The Masquerade, 5e: The Crimson Gutter Chronicle Book $45.00 March 2024
RGS01144 Werewolf: The Apocalypse 5e RPG Expanded Character Sheet Journal $21.99 January 2024
RGS01149 Werewolf The Apocalypse: Scent of Decay Chronicle Book $35.00 March 2024

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