Gnome Hollow — The Op

Gnome Hollow — The Op (new box)

Gnome Hollow is a beautiful Eurogame featuring spatial, tile-placement, and worker-placement mechanics in which players grow a tabletop garden of mushrooms and flowers. Players place tiles to develop rings of valuable mushrooms. Once completed, they harvest each mushroom, choose bonuses, and eventually carry their mushrooms to market to sell for the shiniest treasures available in the hollow. Player boards automatically calculate scores while simultaneously offering strategic decisions. This whimsical game is watercolored to celebrate the full beauty of nature.

Gnome Hollow
Publisher: The Op
Item Code: USOHB173880
Releases 2024


  • 100 Garden tiles
  • 10 Gnome meeples (2 per player)
  • 40 Wildflower tokens (5 of each)
  • 1 Stump/Pinwheel Market tile
  • 5 Double-sided player boards
  • 32 Ring markers
  • 10 Unique signposts
  • 100 Wooden mushroom tokens
  • 40 Pinwheel Market cards
  • 90 Treasure tokens
  • Rulebook

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