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Warpaints Fanatic Rack

The brand new Warpaints Fanatic line has created buzz and excitement throughout the hobby community. And with the Warpaints Fanatic Rack, you can provide it to everyone from the newbie painter to the most fanatic hobbyist. With all 216 paints and a wide range of paint sets included, this Warpaints Fanatic Rack is a must-have for any retail store!

Warpaints Fanatic Rack, Full
Publisher: The Army Painter
Item Code: TAPWP3000
MSRP: $3,270.42* (+freight)
Releases April 20, 2024
*Also see the Early Bird Offer below


  • 1 Rack System with Bottle Propulsion System
  • 3 of each 18ml Warpaints Fanatic (216 slots)
  • 12 Boxed Paint Sets:
    • 6 Warpaints Fanatic: Starter Set
    • 2 Warpaints Fanatic: Washes Set
    • 2 Warpaints Fanatic: Metallics Set
  • 2 Wet Palette
  • 50 Painting Guides

Early Bird Offer—
Besides the rack with the complete Warpaints Fanatic range, the Early Bird Offer that ends on December 31 includes:

  • 1 Free-of-charge Warpaints Fanatic Mega Paint Set store-copy version with 10 brushes for a painting area and exhibition purposes.
  • The 6 Warpaints Fanatic Starter Paint Sets for FREE (corresponding to a discount of 7.5%!).
  • In-store promo package, including banner and poster.

Warpaints Fanatic Mega Paint Set

This paint set contains a comprehensive collection of 50 Warpaints Fanatic, featuring unsurpassed coverage and a satisfying consistency for smooth, and easy application. Warpaints Fanatic are easy to use for beginners, yet capable for the best miniature painters in the world.

Warpaint: Fanatic Mega Paint Set
Publisher: The Army Painter
Item Code: TAPWP8067
MSRP: $199.99 (50 colors + 1 brush)
Releases March 2024

Contents: 50 18ml Warpaints Fanatic, 1 FREE brush, and 1 FREE MDF paint station

Warpaints Fanatic Washes Paint Set

Adding shading to your miniature has never been easier! These Fanatic Washes feature the same, industry-leading formulation as the original Quickshade Washes—just with an updated look and a few tweaks for improved performance. If the colors and names look familiar to you, they should—the set includes our classic Washes and all-new, exciting shades!

Warpaint: Fanatic Washes Paint Set
Publisher: The Army Painter
Item Code: TAPWP8068
MSRP: $42.50 (10 washes)
Releases April 20, 2024

Contents: 10 18ml Warpaints Fanatic Washes, 1 FREE Painting Guide

Warpaints Fanatic Metallics Paint Set

Paint armor-clad hordes, terrifying machinery, and resplendent weaponry with Fanatic Metallics! Utilizing high-quality aluminim flakes, these paints provide amazing coverage and a dazzling shine—a must-have for any discerning hobbyist!

Warpaint: Fanatic Metallics Paint Set
Publisher: The Army Painter
Item Code: TAPWP8069
MSRP: $42.50 (10 colors)
Releases April 20, 2024

Contents: 10 18ml Warpaints Fanatic Metallics, 1 FREE Painting Guide.

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