Acererak’s Treasure Pack Dice Set — Sirius Dice

Acererak's Treasure Pack Dice Set — Sirius Dice

After great popularity in Q4 2023, the first production run sold out in weeks! Now, Acererak’s Treasure Packs are coming back in stock! Each comes with a 7-die set, metal coin, and a D&D dice bag.

Acererak’s Treasure Pack Dice Set PDQ 2024
Publisher: Sirius Dice
Item Code: SDZ200104
MSRP: $499.75 (25 sets, $19.99 each)
Releases March 2024

There are over 54 possible dice sets, and each Treasure Pack has a guaranteed value of $19.99 or higher.


  • Dice set odds are: Common 1:2.22, Uncommon 1:2, Rare 1:25, and Legendary 1:100.
  • 18 Unique coins are available. Copper, silver, and gold ability coins are evenly distributed.
  • Odds of a Sphere of Annihilation coin are 1:50.
  • Safeguard your treasure trove of dice in style with the D&D-embroidered logo dice bag.

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