Final Fantasy TCG: Hidden Trials — Square Enix

Final Fantasy TCG: Hidden Trials — Square Enix
This set continues to feature the brand-new “Limit Break” system, which was introduced in the previous booster pack set, Hidden Hope. Limit Breaks can significantly turn the tides of battle, and the Hidden Trials set is bound to provide even further insight. These Limit Break cards will have their own themes to allow the player to experience the evolution of these cards, right from the deck-building phase.

Final Fantasy TCG: Opus 23- Hidden Trials
Booster Display

Publisher: Square Enix
Item Code: SQE85164
MSRP: $143.64
Releases August 2, 2024

For the collectors, Square Enix is once again including a very rare, special version full-art card (Special Card). The globally popular character from Final Fantasy XIII, Lightning [23-037R], will be featured as the Special Card. Not only does this card feature Miki Yamashita’s brand new artwork, but Ms. Yamashita’s autograph is foil-printed on a card for the first time in history. Additionally, the ever-popular Legacy cards of our past Legends are included as well.

In this set, there will be three cards: Lightning [15-041L], Rydia [15-083L], and Refia [19-102L]. Special cards and Legacy cards are not only for collection purposes as they can both be used in official tournaments, just like normal cards.

Card count: 130 Normal cards and 162 Premium cards (of these, 30 are Full Art cards, 1 is a Special card, and 1 is a Crystal card).

Noel sample cardNew art:

  • Rubi Asami, Final Fantasy VI / Final Fantasy XIII-2
  • Mihoko Ishii, Final Fantasy VII Remake
  • Yuya Ishihata, Final Fantasy IX
  • Ryoma Ito, Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift
  • Yukihiro Kajimoto, Final Fantasy 
  • Gen Kobayashi, Dirge of Cerberus –Final Fantasy VII–
  • Sara Shimokobe, Final Fantasy IV
  • Toshitaka Matsuda, Final Fantasy Type-0
  • Fumio Minagawa, Final Fantasy XI
  • Miki Yamashita, Final Fantasy XIII
  • Oreki Genya, Final Fantasy Type-0

Prerelease Kit

Experience the next set of the Final Fantasy Trading Card Game one week early with the Hidden Trials Prerelease Kit!

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Final Fantasy TCG: Opus 23- Hidden Trials Pre-Release Kit
Publisher: Square Enix
Item Code: SQE85167
MSRP: $45.99
Releases July 26, 2024

Each Hidden Trials Prerelease Kit contains:

  • 9 Hidden Trials Booster Packs
  • 1 Prerelease-exclusive promo card
  • 1 Prerelease-exclusive sleeve pack

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