Grand Archive: Omnidex OP App — Weebs of the Shore

Grand Archive: Omnidex OP App — Weebs of the Shore

Omnidex is a one-stop-shop solution for both stores and players looking to get into Grand Archive TCG with no downloads required.

Omnidex is the hallmark for stores wanting to become a part of Grand Archive TCG’s organized-play network and official store program. All that’s required is for you to fill out a form that Weebs of the Shore will provide after the release of set 3. Once submitted, their organized-play team will review it and reach back out with an official store sign-up link as a mark of your approval!

As a store owner using Omnidex, the application will be your information hub when it comes to anything product- and organized-play-related! You can expect to see some of the following key features of the application, such as robust tournament-pairing software, online pre-signups for your events via the RSVP system, consolidation of important applications such as Event Kit requests and Store Championships, and lastly the addition of your store in the Official Store Locator!

As Omnidex develops, Weebs of the Shore will introduce more features for Stores and will be closely monitoring user feedback and data that they receive from events.

Check out the latest Omnidex news, and learn more about retailer offerings from Weebs of the Shore, on their official website below: