PSI March 20 Releases

PSI March 20 Releases

Fandooble and the Dragon's Eye

Fandooble is a wildly fun and fast party game. Race against your opponents to steal all of the gold from the fearsome dragon. Wizards and knights will help you along the way, but your never know when they’ll show up.

Fandooble and the Dragon’s Eye
Publisher: Catalyst Game Labs
Item Code: CAT55010
MSRP: $24.99
Releases March 20, 2024

Keep and eye on that rascally scoundrel Fandooble though; he’ll steal your hard-stolen gold and give it to someone else before you can say, “Don’t steal my gold, rascally scoundrel Fandooble.” Roll three dragons, and you lose the gold you just stole; roll three red fire-breathing dragons, and you are really out of luck!

Doctor Who 2E: Adventures in Space

Doctor Who RPG 2E: Adventures in Space
Publisher: Cubicle 7
Item Code: CB71310
MSRP: $39.99
Releases March 20, 2024

Adventures in Space features:

  • Alien-creation rules — Create new adversaries and NPCs for your alien worlds, or even new alien characters to join Team TARDIS.
  • Starship- and space-station-creation rules — You don’t have to explore the Universe with a TARDIS, with revised spaceship-creation rules to get you travelling the stars.
  • Alien-world creation — New vistas to explore, strange places to see
  • A selection of planets from the series — Want to return to Skaro, Trenzalore, Karn, or Akhaten? We’ve got you covered! Each planet looks at its environment and history and provides adventure ideas to get you started.

Astro Knights: Mystery of Solarus

Mystery of Solarus is an expansion for Astro Knights, a cooperative deck-building game in which your deck is never shuffled. Your goal is to defeat the boss before it destroys your team or the homeworld you’re defending.

Astro Knights: Mystery of Solarus
Publisher: Indie Boards & Cards
Item Code: IBCAKEMS1
MSRP: $19.99
Releases March 20, 2024


  • 2 Knights (Naoko, Sunshine)
  • 1 Boss (Shade Sculptor)
  • 2 Fuel cards (Solarus Engine, Solarus Cell)
  • 2 Tech cards (Lithocule Bot, Solarus Barrier)
  • 6 Weapon cards (Solarus Spear, Cosmic Boom Boom ×2, Solarus Dual Blades, Solarus Fusion Core, Quantum Kama)
  • 1 Homeworld card (Eos)
  • 1 Team Attack card (No Knight Left Behind)
  • 1 Invention card (Motherboard)
  • 1 Combo card (Tagteam Thunder)
  • 1 Token sheet
  • 1 Card divider
  • 1 Deck box

Printing Press

In the game Printing Press, your goal is to fulfill customer orders and elevate the reputation of your printing studio. In three rounds, you’ll strategically choose plates, frames, and printing cards to precisely meet each customer’s unique requirements.

Printing Press
Publisher: Portal Games
Item Code: PLG24100
MSRP: $39
Releases March 20, 2024

The more diligently you carry out your assigned tasks, the greater the recognition you’ll receive. At the end of three rounds, the player with the most prestige points wins! Prepare for a fast-paced and dynamic gaming experience, enriched with a strategic blend of decision-making and meticulous planning.

Dogs Dice Sets

If you are a dog lover, or not, these are your dice. Add some puppy love to your roleplaying game with numbers, fur, and four paws.

Dogs Dice Set: Bubbles or Charlie
Publisher: Q-Workshop
Item Code: QWSSDOG04 or QWSSDOG05
MSRP: $19
Releases March 20, 2024

Each set includes 7 items: D4, D6, D8, D10, D12, D20, and D100. The highest faces show dogs in various poses, different for each die. The design, apart from makeshift-looking digits, shows tennis balls, chew bones, sticks, old shoes, and paw prints on the dice faces.

Avant Carde

Your eccentric collection of avant-garde art needs a public show! Build your collection of stunning cubist artwork. On your turn, assemble the best exhibition you can, matching the cards in your hand together by color or number. The better your exhibition, the more paintings you’ll be able to purchase for your collection, each with a special power: 4s are wild, and 3s help you curate your collection! Excellent exhibitions earn awards, and the player with the most awards wins in this fast and fun deck-building game!

Avant Carde
Publisher: Resonym Games
Item Code: RESAC01
MSRP: $20
Releases March 20, 2024


  • 166 Cards, 7 tokens, and 3 unrolling card boxes
  • 18 different special powers. Master each set then mix and match!
  • Gorgeous cubist illustrations by Ishita Banerjee

Sleeping Gods: Primeval Peril

Sleeping Gods: Primeval Peril is a short standalone campaign for one or two players, but it will include a variant for playing with 3–4, set in the world of Sleeping Gods and using the same rules. Primeval Peril is set on a dangerous river that winds through lush jungle. It includes new characters and stories so that nothing from the Sleeping Gods base game is spoiled.

Sleeping Gods: Primeval Peril
Publisher: Red Raven Games
Item Code: RVM333409
MSRP: $39.99
Releases March 20, 2024

It was first offered as a free print-and-play to all backers of the Sleeping Gods Kickstarter. This first retail edition is revised and expanded with new stories and quests, streamlined gameplay, and an atlas with new maps.


BEZONUWOne Night Ultimate Werewolf$24.95
SJG131324Zombie Dice 2 Double Feature$8.95
SJG131334Zombie Dice 3 School Bus$9.95
SJG4270Munchkin Apocalypse: Kaiju$10.95

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