Warpaints Fanatic Paints & Racks — The Army Painter

Warpaints Fanatic Paints & Racks — The Army Painter

Warpaints Fanatic Acrylics features a high-covering acrylic resin base that delivers high-density, premium pigments smoothly over the surface of your miniature. Using a water-based solvent means that Fanatic paints can be thinned to extreme levels of transparency without breaking. Their premium resin base dries to a durable and beautiful matt finish.

Flexible Color Triad — Color choice can be tricky for many hobbyists. That’s why The Army Painter has developed Warpaints Fanatic in an easy-to-use Flexible Color Triad System within the acrylics range. There are 27 triad systems, and inside each Flexible Triad segment you’ll find six paints that range in tone from dark to light with a consistent hue This makes selecting highlight colors incredibly simple.

The Army Painter: Fanatic sample bottle

Warpaint Fanatic: Acrylics, Effects, Metallics, Washes, & More
Publisher: The Army Painter
Code: TAPWP3001TAPWP3216
MSRP: $4.25$4.50 (each)
Releases April 20, 2024

Effects — Adding effects to your miniatures and armies can really take your projects to the next level! Specialist tools for theme and narrative, Warpaints Fanatic Effects range from high gloss to ultra-matt, textured to radiating! Use Fanatic Effects to add gory elements, realistic rust, or a simple glow to a lens, power weapon, or magical conjuring! Warpaint Fanatic Effects also work great when weathering or basing your miniatures!

Metallics — Warpaints Metallics have been a stalwart for hobbyists of all kinds, all over the globe, and they just got better! The new Fanatic Metallics utilizes The Army Painter’s proprietary Al-crylic formulation which includes a specialized blend of aluminum flake and mica for the best combination of coverage and sheen. These metallics shimmer brighter and apply smoother with less texture. This is especially noticeable when painting traditionally difficult to cover paints like gold! Perfect for painting sword blades, wicked weaponry, or monstrous war machines—painting true metallic metals has never been so simple.

Washes — Warpaints Fanatic Washes are made using a premium acrylic resin set in a water-based formula. Designed to flow smoothly over the surface of your miniature, delivering shading and contrast to the recesses of your miniature, while helping to define the details of your miniature. If the colors and names look familiar to you, they should! These Fanatic Washes feature the same, industry-leading formulation as the Original Quickshade Washes—just with a new look, new name, and a few tweaks for improved performance.

Stabilizer — Warpaint Fanatic utilizes The Army Painter’s proprietary Stabilizing Technology. The Stabilizer used in their paints is what allows them to create a paint that features more pigment, in a better covering, and easy-to-use formulation. The Stabilizer Medium is great to use for thinning your paints as it will stabilize the pigments no matter what level of transparency you are working at. For optimal results: use the Fanatic Stabilizer along with the Retarder when wet blending or advanced glazing techniques.

Retarder — The Warpaints Fanatic Retarder is a water-based solution designed to delay the drying time of your Warpaints. Use in combination with acrylic paints to increase flow and decrease surface tension aiding in wet-on-wet and other blending techniques. Apply a drop or two with your paint for prolonged workability and your colors will retain their consistency. It will also help to prevent your paint from filming on your palette. The Fanatic Retarder can also be used to create staining or weathering effects in combination with Fanatic Acrylics, Effects, Washes, and even Speedpaint!

Wash Medium — The Warpaints Fanatic Wash Medium is a transparent resin base designed to dilute your Washes without changing the flow and viscosity. By adding Fanatic Wash Medium, you can make your Wash more translucent and less pigmented.

Warpaints Fanatic Rack

The brand-new Warpaints Fanatic has created buzz and excitement throughout the Hobby Community. And with the Warpaints Fanatic Rack, you can provide it to everyone from the newbie painter to the most fanatic hobbyist. With all 216 paints and a wide range of Paint Sets included, this Warpaints Fanatic Rack is a must-have for any retail store!

Rack: Warpaints Fanatic Rack — Full 
Publisher: The Army Painter
Item Code: TAPWP3000
MSRP: $3,030.48 (+Freight)
Releases April 20, 2024

Contents —

  • 1 Rack System with Bottle Propulsion System
  • 3 of each 18ml Warpaints Fanatic (216 slots)
  • 2 Wet Palette
  • 50 Painting Guides
  • 12 Boxed Paint Sets:
    • 6 Warpaints Fanatic: Starter Set
    • 2 Warpaints Fanatic: Washes Set
    • 2 Warpaints Fanatic: Metallics Set

Tools & Accessories Rack

Based on retailer feedback, we’ve given the Tools & Accessories Rack a complete redesign. The Army Painter has updated the product lineup and placement to provide the customers with the clearest and most presentable expression. The products you would most often use together have been grouped, making it easier and more intuitive for the customers to find them.

Extra Product Space — Another upgrade is the addition of extra sales spots. The back plate has been removed, so there is room for more products on the Rack. Also, the product hangers are now angled, making the products slide forward, so the products remain most presentable.

Easier to Assemble — The physical dimensions of the rack now match the width of the other racks from The Army Painter. This makes the overall look of the racks in the stores more cohesive and presentable. The physical redesign has also made assembling easier.

Display: Tools & Accessories Rack 2024
Publisher: The Army Painter
Item Code: TAPTL5907
MSRP: $1,811.39 (+Freight)
Releases April 20, 2024


  • 1 Rack with Bottle Propulsion System
  • 18 Different Tools & Accessories covering all you customers needs (84 items in total)
  • 3× 8 Battlefield Basing Materials
  • 3× 12 Battlefield Tufts
  • 3 Different Glues
  • 3 Self-healing Cutting Mats
  • 3 Battlefield Basing Sets

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