Disney Lorcana: Ursula’s Return — Ravensburger

Disney Lorcana: Ursula's Return — Ravensburger

A storm has been building in the magical realm of Lorcana. A powerful Ursula glimmer, unleashed from the Great Illuminary, is at last ready to put plans into motion. How far will the sea witch go to gain power over all Lorcana?

Begin Your Adventure: Starter Decks

To play the Disney Lorcana TCG, each player will need a deck of 60 cards. Ready-to-play starter decks contain a preconstructed deck with a specific card list. If you’re new to trading card games, or if you want to experience the game with a deck designed and tested by Team Lorcana, this is a good place to start.

Disney Lorcana: Ursula’s Return Starter Deck Display
Publisher: Ravensburger
Item Code: RAV8327
MSRP: $135.99 (8 Decks)
Releases May 17, 2024 in stores only
Online & Mass Release May 31, 2024

Ursula's Revenge starter deck contents (Encanto deck)Each starter deck includes:

  • 1 Preconstructed deck of 60 cards, including 2 foil cards of the characters on the package front
  • 11 Game tokens
  • 1 Quick Start Rulebook
  • 1 Booster pack containing 12 randomized cards

Expand Your Collection: Booster Packs

Unlike starter decks, booster packs contain 12 random cards from the Disney Lorcana TCG set Ursula’s Return. Use booster packs to build and customize your deck with abilities and characters beyond those found in starter decks.

Disney Lorcana: Ursula’s Return Booster Box
Publisher: Ravensburger
Item Code: RAV8342
MSRP: $143.99 (24 Packs)
Releases May 17, 2024 in stores only
Online & Mass Release May 31, 2024

Disney Lorcana: Ursula's Revenge booster packsEach booster contains twelve randomized cards:

  • 6 Common cards
  • 3 Uncommon cards
  • 2 Rare, super rare, or legendary cards
  • 1 Foil card (random rarity level)

The Ultimate Choice: Illumineer's Trove

The ultimate treasure for both collectors and players, the Illumineer’s Trove includes a full-art storage box with six ink-themed card dividers to keep your Disney Lorcana TCG cards safe and organized.

The Illumineer’s Trove includes eight randomized booster packs and helps keep track of character and location damage with six high-quality dice featuring a magical ink appearance with gold printed numbers. Finally, the distinctive spin-dial lore counter makes it easy to mark your progress toward victory!

Disney Lorcana: Ursula’s Return Illumineer’s Trove
Publisher: Ravensburger
Item Code: RAV8352
MSRP: $49.99
Releases May 17, 2024 in stores only
Online & Mass Release May 31, 2024

Disney Lorcana: Ursula's Return Illumineer's Trove contentsThe Illumineer’s Trove includes:

  • 1 Card-storage box
  • 6 Card dividers
  • 8 Booster packs of 12 additional game cards each
  • 6 Damage-counter dice
  • 1 Lore counter

Defeat the Sea Witch: Illumineer's Quest

Face an opponent like no other! In this thrilling Disney Lorcana TCG experience, you must stand against Ursula and her entangled glimmers even as her powers increase. Cunning as ever, the sea witch plays by her own rules—and with her own all-new special deck. Try all four difficulty levels!

With the contents of this box, you can take on Ursula’s forces solo or cooperatively with a friend. You can also add up to two more friends with decks to your side, for a total of four players. Players can use any standard Disney Lorcana deck.

Disney Lorcana: Ursula’s Return, Illumineer’s Quest — Deep Trouble
Publisher: Ravensburger
Item Code: RAV8356
MSRP: $59.99
Releases May 17, 2024 in stores only
Online & Mass Release May 31, 2024

Illumineer’s Quest—Deep Trouble includes:

  • 1 Oversized Ursula card
  • 1 Ursula scenario deck (50 cards) with a unique card back
  • 2 Prebuilt Disney Lorcana TCG decks (60 cards each)
  • 2 Oversized, double-sided battleground cards 
  • 1 Deep Trouble playmat 
  • 1 Ursula draw token 
  • 3 Lore-tracker tokens 
  • 29 Damage counters 
  • 1 Secret Victory card 
  • Deep Trouble rules sheet
  • Disney Lorcana TCG rules and additional decks not included.


Protect your collection from wear and tear with card sleeves, deck boxes, and playmats!

Card Sleeves — Each pack contains 65 matte-finish card sleeves featuring a Disney Lorcana TCG glimmer. The characters featured will be Snow White and Genie.

Deck Boxes — Each Disney Lorcana TCG deck box can hold up to 80 sleeved cards. These Ursula’s Return deck boxes will feature the same Snow White and Genie art as the card sleeves.

Playmats — Each playmat features striking artwork of Disney characters. A fabric top prevents damage during gameplay and can also be used as a desk mat or mouse pad, while the anti-slip bottom keeps the mat in place during use. One of these Disney Lorcana TCG playmats will feature Tinkerbell, and the other will feature Rapunzel.

RAV8360Card Sleeves: Disney Lorcana- Ursula’s Return- Genie$9.99
RAV8361Card Sleeves: Disney Lorcana- Ursula’s Return- Snow White$9.99
RAV8362Deck Box: Disney Lorcana- Ursula’s Return- Genie$5.99
RAV8363Deck Box: Disney Lorcana- Ursula’s Return- Snow White$5.99
RAV8364Playmat: Disney Lorcana- Ursula’s Return- Tinkerbell$19.99
RAV8365Playmat: Disney Lorcana- Ursula’s Return- Rapunzel$19.99

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