MTG Erasable Tokens — Ultra•PRO

MTG Erasable Tokens — Ultra•PRO

Erasable Tokens are the customizable write-on token you can reuse again and again!

Tokens: MTG Erasable Tokens (20ct)
Publisher: Ultra•PRO
Item Code: UPR19404
MSRP: $5.49
Releases May 2024

MTG Erasable Tokens contentsFeatures—

  • Wet- and dry-erasable finish allow writing and drawing your own unique tokens.
  • Includes space for your custom artwork and text!
  • Draw your own creature, and write a custom name, power, toughness, and other unique text.
  • Sized to fit in standard 66mm × 91mm Deck Protector Sleeves.
  • Each set includes 20 reusable tokens with Magic: The Gathering card frame (2 each of White, Blue, Black, Red, Green, Artifact, and Multicolor; and 6 Colorless) and 1 black-ink, fine-point, dry-erase pen with eraser

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